Hey there! Hope all is well. My name is Toni Bowman, also known as the self-proclaimed Lady B. I was a full-time working mom for eighteen years. The majority of that time, I was sacrificing and working on a financial plan with my husband.

Our focus was on becoming debt-free, mortgage-free, and being financially comfortable. Because we remained consistent with the plan, I was able to leave Corporate America to explore other options and start new endeavors.

With this blog, I want to hang out and encourage you to press through adversity while showing you how you can live your best life as a mommy and a wife! By sharing my stories and experiences, I hope you are inspired and motivated to continue on the path that God has created for you.

My core message caters to those that are married and have families. However, I will also share my love for fashion and style and include bits and pieces of my travel adventures. So, no matter what your current role is in life, there is something here for you!

Disclaimer: I am not a marriage counselor, financial advisor, nor a parenting expert. I am only here to tell my personal story and share my opinions.

Please seek help with professionals if needed!

Now, come “hang out” with me as I document my journey through this thing called life!

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16 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi, Toni! You’re such a breath of fresh air. I love how authentic you are. These days, that’s a rare find. God bless you as you continue to live life purpose-filled. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are a difference maker. Your life, your lessons, and your truth are helping others find the courage to live their best lives too. We need your voice!

    I look forward to learning more about you. Keep up all the amazing work you do. Your ministry is needed and deeply valued! ❤ Your sister in Christ, Holly


    1. Oh wow! I soooo appreciate your feedback! Of course, we are usually our own worst critic and I definitely didn’t think of myself completely the way you described me. Thank you so much for your kids words and thanks for taking the time to stop through and read my blog! I truly appreciate you! 🤗😍😍

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      1. You’re right. We are our own worst critics, no doubt about it! That’s what I believe God sends encouragers and true friends into our lives. We need to see ourselves through God’s eyes and He uses others to do just that sometimes! Never cut yourself short. You are deeply loved and treasured. Abba is so very proud of you! 🌺


      2. 🤣 I ain’t sceered, ha ha! I’ll be your blogger BFF any day. We need each other, for inspiration, encouragement, and genuine support. God is always up to something good, even when we don’t know it. I never take for granted when He allows new connections to happen. You never know what He’s got in mind until He reveals it. Even if it’s just a support system, I’ll be here in any way I can. Many blessings to you, sis!


      3. Thank you so much! I will be returning the page love soon, I promise! 😉

        I’m supposed to be watching a show with my husband, as we speak, but I didn’t want to leave everyone’s comments without responses for so long.

        You all could be doing anything else, so I’m very appreciative that you’ve taken some time to scroll through my site!

        Heck, your responses alone proved how great a writer you are, so I’m so looking forward to reading your content as well! 🤗🥰🥰

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      4. Aw, you are so kind! Also, please never feel pressured to come by my site. Life is busy, busy, busy. I wholeheartedly understand, and hope everyone will prioritize themselves and their families.

        I hope you get the chance to go spend some time with your hubby and enjoy the show! You deserve it! 😊


    1. It is my pleasure! Thank you for stopping through and checking out my page. Please be sure to subscribe so you can stay connected with me on this journey.


  2. This woman is a definition of a go getter!! I definitely admire the way you travel and enjoy life. Keep up the good work Lady B may many blessings come your way 😘♥️

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