Hey there! Hope all is well. My name is Toni Bowman, also known as the self-proclaimed Lady B. I was a full-time working mom for 18 years. The majority of that time I was sacrificing and working on a financial plan with my husband. Our focus was becoming debt free and getting to a financial state that would allow me to comfortably shift gears. Because we remained consistent with the plan, I was able to leave my 9 to 5 job to explore other options.

The ultimate purpose of my blog is to hang out and give you encouragement to press through adversity while living your best life as a mommy and a wife! I hope that my stories and experiences will inspire and motivate you to continue on the path that God has created for you. I will give my opinion and tips on marriage and family plus I’ll share a little fashion and style along the way. This blog will document my experience as a wife, mom, former employee, entrepreneur and now stay-at-homer, who is debt and mortgage free while traveling the world and living on a budget! So no matter what your current role is in life, there is something here for you!

Disclaimer: I am not a professional marriage counselor, financial advisor, nor am I an expert on parenting. I am only here to tell my personal story and share my opinions. Please seek help with professionals if needed!

Now, come hang out with me as I document my journey through this thing called life!

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  • Evolve Together or Grow Apart!
    The first step is to acknowledge that there is an issue. Even if it seems as simple as we don’t like the same things anymore, that small point can grow into a significant matter that can quickly get out of hand if mishandled.
  • The downside of only being a #BoyMom
    All of the struggles, stress, and sleepless nights that I dealt with, I know most likely won’t be appreciated until they are much older and possibly begin to experience these moments with their children.
  • Want a better marriage? The change has to start with YOU!
    What’s the first thing we think would make our marriage better? OUR SPOUSE! We say that they need to do this or that, right? Why do we always believe changes are required from our partner to make our relationship more enjoyable?

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  1. To be so young and living your best life is a gift from God. Can’t wait for the next week March 9th. So proud of this beautiful lady!

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  2. This woman is a definition of a go getter!! I definitely admire the way you travel and enjoy life. Keep up the good work Lady B may many blessings come your way 😘♥️

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