Fashion is EVERYWHERE!

Hey there! Hope all is well. Welcome to my introductory blog post for FASHION. Today we are going to hang out for just a minute to talk fashion. Fashion can be found EVERYWHERE, and you get to decide where that everywhere is for you. Whether at a thrift shop or a high-end department store, you can find different types of fashion. What you wear is a matter of personal preference and/or what your budget allows. There are some that can afford high-end but still choose to purchase lower-cost clothing, and even those that may not be the wealthiest prefer to sacrifice and buy name brands. Regardless of the quality and costs of your clothes, YOU decide what your fashion will be! Then you take that fashion and create your style.

In my opinion, fashion is what you buy and style is how you pull it all together. There are many people that can create a killer look out of something very inexpensive. On the other hand, I have seen some expensive pieces put together in the strangest ways. The particular individuals in the strange-looking designer clothing feel very good about their look, while you or I might believe it is a bit confusing. However, remember it’s all about how YOU, the stylist, feels about your attire. My opinion or the “who wore it best” articles doesn’t matter as long as you’re okay with it. I know I probably won’t get a lot of amens for this, but it’s the way I’ve always thought about my personal style. I dress for me! After standing in the mirror and saying to myself, “I like this,” I walk out of my home dressed with confidence. Now there have been some instances where I’ve styled myself in a way that made me question my own abilities, lol. I’ve even put something together, unsure about my decision at the time, and then later thought you should’ve stuck with your first mind and changed those shoes. YIKES! But again, that’s fine because those were my thoughts and no other opinions had any bearing on my decision.

If you’re like me and love fashion and styling, please be sure to stay connected and come back soon for many more fashion conversations to come.

Until then I’ll leave you with this…Remember that whatever you wear, it is your choice. Don’t allow someone else to dictate your style or to tell you it’s not trendy or fashionable. Know that when you put your ‘fit together, you were confident, you looked good, you felt good and YOU KNOW YOU KILLED IT! Do you, be fabulous and in my remixed words of Marty Mar, “Keep lookin’ as good as you wanna look!”

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