Journey Across the Pond…Meet me at The “LONDON.”

Hey there! Hope all is well. Today come hang out with me as we journey across the pond. Back when we celebrated our 16th Wedding Anniversary my love surprised me with a country-hopping trip. Yup, he’s a keeper! While I knew the date that we would leave and the date of our return, I had no idea where we would end up and I did not know what type of gear to pack. Whenever I asked what kind of clothing I needed he would say, “Just pack the same stuff you would wear at home around this season.” That is absolutely NOT helpful because our weather is bipolar in Texas, and I know that vacation could bring us to a totally different climate. Since our anniversary is in December I did my best to pack for “our” usual winter, but I also made sure to have additional layers just in case.

We started in Dallas, flew to New York and then had a quick layover in Iceland. Our final stopping point to start our actual celebration began in London. We immediately hit the ground running, trying to visit every location hubby had on his must-see list. We hopped on the tube and began our adventure. We stayed on the go to make sure to ✅ everything off the list.

✅Big Ben – this is one of London’s most iconic landmarks. The name is given to the massive bell inside the clock tower. It weighs more than 13 tons. Unfortunately, construction was going on with the clock tower during our visit, so we didn’t get a clear visual of its spectacular beauty. Nonetheless, we were still able to lay eyes on it and of course get a selfie.

✅Tower of London – this location is one of London’s premiere attractions. It is a world-famous castle that was once a prison, zoo, royal palace, armory and execution chamber. We only walked around the perimeter of this place, but at the very sight of it we were still fascinated with its history.

✅London Bridge – The first few bridges were wooden and they either fell down or had to be replaced. The stone version of the London Bridge was started in 1176. It was very interesting to see how very plain this bridge was. No hype at all like the Tower Bridge. However, when you’re standing there and taking in the city it’s only befitting to hum/sing along…London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down. LOL!

Tower Bridge

✅Tower Bridge – this suspension bridge is another iconic symbol of London and is one of their famous bridges that sometimes gets confused with London Bridge. Not knowing much about London before going there I didn’t know what to expect, but I definitely thought I was at London Bridge when I saw it because it’s a very picturesque location. Shockingly though, it’s the exact opposite of London Bridge.

✅Piccadilly Circus – this location is full of places to dine and shop. Even late in the evening it is hopping with so many people and tourists in the area. We tried crêpes at one of the corner spots there and absolutely fell in love with them. For me it was the simple butter and sugar but for the hubs he went all out with the nutella and banana, and then we both had them topped off with whip cream. Any other crêpe I’ve tasted back at home pales in comparison to the crêpes there.

✅Buckingham Palace – is the administrative headquarters of the Monarch for the UK. The Queen holds many official events and receptions there. The details in the gates and surrounding architecture is pretty amazing. Besides taking in the works of art in the surrounding area, most tourists come to this location to see ✅Changing of the Guard. This ceremony shows the Queen’s guard handing over responsibility to the new guard. This is one of London’s most popular attractions; free to watch and no tickets required. I will suggest looking online for their calendar before heading out to assure that nothing has changed at the last minute. Also get there early in order to select the location in which you want to stand. A lot of the performance takes place in the streets leading up to the palace, so being near the curb is a good spot to choose when you first get there. However, if you want to see the actual Changing of the Guard it is best to claim your spot right at the gate.

We stopped in at St. Stephens Tavern for a bite to eat. It is located in the heart of Westminster. We had never heard of the place, but it was near a few of the sites we’d planned to visit. Fish and chips is a staple in London and we figured they would serve it at this local pub. Unfortunately, I’m not a big fried seafood eater so while hubby indulged in the popular fish and chips meal, I enjoyed the Thai Red Chicken Curry (a bowl of classic green thai curry with chicken and fluffy basmati rice). This meal is a tad bit spicy (which I should not/cannot really eat), but it was delish! I would definitely take my chances and have it again when we go back. Shhh…it was worth it!

✅Westminster Abbey – this is a royal church in the center of London. It is Britain’s coronation church where all except two monarchs were crowned. William and Kate were also married at this same location. This place is definitely a sight to see with all of its rich history inside. It’s such a unique experience to walk around and see the final resting place for great kings, queens, poets, etc.

✅Oxford Circus – Of course we can’t go anywhere without finding a place for me to shop. Located in the Oxford Circus area, there are several stores and places to eat. My absolute favorite store there is Topshop! I have been to some of their other locations in different states and they all seem like a disappointment compared to the London Edition.

This has been one of my all-time favorite anniversary trips! Don’t forget to stay connected with me as I continue to share blog posts from the other countries/locations that we visited for our 16th Wedding Anniversary.

Until next time, I’ll leave you with this. Don’t just read the information I’ve shared in this blog post. If you haven’t already been to London, I definitely suggest that you go and experience this for yourself. My review and pictures are not enough to do it any justice. This is something I believe you must see for yourself! Check Google Flights, find the deals, take a layover, or whatever it takes and in my Travis Scott voice, “Meet me at The LONDON.”


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  1. good stuff! thanks for the travel tips and places to stop at! as soon as we we get past this covid-19 pandemic, can’t wait to get over there!

    1. It was my pleasure, glad you enjoyed the read! Hopefully this will all pass soon and we can get back to traveling to see the world again.

    1. Thanks love! It’s because of your thoughtfulness and well planned out trip that I was given the opportunity to have something interesting to write about. Can’t wait for the next one!

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