Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t finish today’s to-do list.

Hey there! Hope all is well. Today I want to take a quick moment to talk about living through, staying focused and working at home amidst the Covid-19 Virus. I am a homebody and an introvert so being home all day long is like a walk in the park for me. However, I know there are some of you out there that are currently struggling. Not only are you extroverts, but you’re used to working in an open environment where you communicate and interact with warm bodies all day and you’re probably feeling caved in right now. So many people are giving out tips to creating to-do lists and maintaining productivity during this downtime. I want to add a little something to what they’re saying.

Yesterday was a complete washout for me. I slept in which caused me to work out much later than normal. Then I had the bright idea to run to the grocery store to pick up a few things. I was hours off from the schedule that I’ve set for myself. I only finished “one” blog post which I started last week. My goal is to write anywhere from 2.5-3 blog posts on Tuesdays alone and that didn’t happen. Having everyone at home with some working, some lounging, and some wanting to talk was very distracting. I’ll admit that nearing the late afternoon I was feeling bummed out. I should’ve been so much further with my writings and other responsibilities by that time. However, instead of totally beating myself up about not reaching my goals for the day I decided to find appreciation among the chaos. I begin to give thanks knowing everyone is in good health (that we are aware of). No one is in need of anything. We have running water, central a/c and heat (for whichever may be needed with this uncertain Texas weather) and our fridge and pantry have everything we need to survive right now.

After reading the one completed blog post to my husband and receiving his approval about the clarity and conciseness of it all, I felt that overall I had a successful day although my to-do list/schedule was thrown off. I finished only one post, but I believe it is great content that I can’t wait to share. I was able to spend some time with my family. I had an intense self-instructed workout. I picked up several ingredients to try and continue to maintain a more healthier lifestyle. I was able to hang with my husband for lunch. Instead of waddling in the things that went wrong yesterday, I decided to be proud of what I did right. Then I told myself Wednesday would be a better day and so far IT IS! While this blog post was not on my list to write, I felt it necessary to share.

I created a daily schedule for myself that starts at 6AM and ends about 930PM. It starts with working out in the morning, staying busy throughout the day with different responsibilities and finishing off the evening having quality time with my husband. Do I get everything done on my schedule each day? NOT AT ALL! However, I focus on getting as much done as possible. It’s a lot easier to fall off of your own schedule, but I know it’s not that simple when you have to go in on someone else’s clock. I know, I’ve been there!

For those of you that work for someone else, follow the schedule they’ve given you. That’s your bread and butter so you definitely have to assure that you are doing everything you’re supposed to, when you’re supposed to do it. When you’ve completed their work, it is your time to do what you want. Try your best to create a schedule for yourself. Take advantage of the travel time you’ve gained from not having to go into the office right now. Get some things done around the house, but also allow yourself some down time as well.

Until next time I’ll leave you with this. Again, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t finish today’s to-do list. Do your best to get the most important things taken care of and let the rest go until the next day or so. It’s okay to fall off sometimes and as my pastor Bishop T.D. Jakes would say, “Just don’t be deficit in the same area everyday.” Pray for those that have tested positive for the Coronavirus, for those that are suffering from the virus and let’s pray that the elderly and those with underlying conditions don’t catch this virus. For those that are younger and believe that they are completely healthy and unbothered by this disease, let’s use precaution. Everyone that stays in is not scary or being hysterical. Some are doing what they believe will help prevent the spread of this outbreak. Let’s keep washing our hands and assuring that everything is sanitized properly. If this wasn’t already your usual way of living, please let it become your “new normal.”

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