Comfy, Cute, Fashionable and Trendy…at Home!

Hey there! Hope all is well. I want to hang out and chat today about those of us that want to be comfy yet cute, even while we’re confined in our homes. Don’t get it wrong, since the pandemic has forced most of us to stay at home, we are just trying to survive. For a lot of us, we are doing all we can to get through each day.

For those of us that love style, this time may be a little irritating for no other reason than wanting to put on a cute outfit and hit the streets. However, our safety comes first then we can focus on the next important thing, comfort. Comfort doesn’t mean that we have to lose our sense of style though. Most days we all probably have our hair in a bonnet with a housedress on or mismatched pajamas, but I would like to let you in on a little secret. There are some comfortable and cute loungewear ‘fits you can get today! You can thank me later.

One of my favorite places to shop online is For a girl that loves having A LOT of clothes, but doesn’t like to spend a lot of money on them, this is the place to go! They have some of the cutest pieces you can find at very reasonable prices.

Not only are the prices and style of clothing awesome, but their shipping and delivery time is insanely good. Even in the middle of a pandemic with a non-essential clothes order, they have gotten my items to me in record time. I was told that one order would come on a specific date and it arrived 3 days prior. Listen! At a time with so much devastating news and not knowing how long this crisis will continue, I appreciate the little things like getting an order earlier than expected.

Now, let’s talk about some of the looks I chose. All of them are sets that I adore and each of them has their own place in my heart for different reasons.

Set #1 is my absolute favorite because it’s soooo comfortable! It’s a drawstring crop hoodie and pants set. I also love the color and if there were other color choices, I’d honestly probably order at least two more. One thing I’ve always appreciated about separates is the fact that you can swap them out and mix up your looks. This top can be worn at another time with a pair of jeans, some joggers, or a cute pair of cut-off shorts. Also, because it is a pants set and NOT pajamas, I can comfortably wear this outside of the house. This can, and I’m sure will be at some point, a vacation outfit for me especially for a plane ride to or from my destination. The pants are a little long, but that’s perfect for me since my waist is not 24 inches like the Bad Mama Jama. That extra length allows me to pull the pants up over my baby fat and still feel comfortable enough to strut my stuff in the crop top.

Set #2 is my second best choice because of the print, quality and thickness of the fabric. This leopard print top and elastic waist pants set is also comfortable. The elastic waist once again allows me to camouflage this tummy and almost get away with the crop top look. WINNING! The thickness of the fabric is perfect for this spring season when the weather goes up and down every other day and it’s just right to keep warm around the house when the cool weather outside affects the temperature inside. Once again, the pieces could easily be paired with other separates. If I was forced to choose something wrong about it, it would be that there are no pockets! I always appreciate garments that have pockets, especially loungewear. They allow me to keep some must-have items on me, like my phone, AirPods, Carmex, etc. This way I don’t have to pack these things from room to room that I may need to access at any given moment.

Set #3 would be my third choice because it has more of a snug fit, but nonetheless, it’s still cute and comfortable. It’s a contrast neon sideseam top and leggings set, hence the snugness. I’m petite and it fits in all the right places and the black fabric helps give a slimming look to my midsection. The fabric is very soft and lightweight. I like the neon sideseam on this set. This could have been a boring and simple black legging pants suit, but the neon on the side gave it a little pop. That extra strip of color makes me feel less basic. LOL! You may be able to get away with wearing this for a fitness session, which is why I tossed on the tennis shoes. Since it is a lightweight set, I probably wouldn’t do anything more than yoga or a simple workout. Don’t get too intense because I’m not sure that the fabric will hold up for those deep squats and the likeness thereof.

‘Til next time, I’ll leave you with this…do your research when you see these cute clothes and shoes pop up on social media ads. Don’t just order any and everything that comes across your device’s screen. I’d been looking at some articles on Shein’s advertisements for a while, but was leery about ordering from them. I am the person that would rather miss out on a deal and find out about the loss later, than take the risk of being scammed by a no-name company putting fake ads out. One day I complimented a young lady that had a cute item and she told me she’d ordered it from Then at some point later I realized that a skirt I had ordered from Amazon also came from there. Once I knew that, IT WAS ON!!! If you want to lounge and be comfortable but not lose the option of being cute, fashionable and trendy, check out the sets that I ordered. If any of those three are not your style, there are so many more options and they come in several different sizes! GET YA SHEIN ON!


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