Pampering and self-care is necessary!

Hey there! Hope all is well. Today we’re going to hang out for a relaxing time at Castle Nail Spa in Fort Worth, Texas. Regardless of your gender, I believe that both pampering and self-care are very necessary!

A friend of mine and I scheduled brunch at a restaurant in Fort Worth for her birthday. Afterwards we wanted to get mani and pedis done somewhere nearby, but neither of us was familiar with this specific area. I went online to search for nail spas close to W 7th St. I found about three or four, but this particular place appeared to be the best fit. It was the closest location to the restaurant, which was a plus. There were a lot of positive reviews and the prices seemed to be reasonable. Oh, and did I mention they have complimentary drinks including soft drinks, wine & margarita? She and I both agreed that we’d give them a try.

When you first walk into this place, the atmosphere and people are welcoming. The layout is very open and spacious and it has a modern and upscale look. Everything was clean and in order. Before I even knew what the experience would be like, I was very pleased with the overall aesthetics. It is definitely accommodating enough for a large party. You and all of your friends can go as a big group. However, I would suggest you schedule these appointments to ensure you will all be seated together and able to start at or around the same time. As I stated before, the prices are reasonable and from my experience, they don’t try to upsell you like most salons. If you’ve ever been to a nail salon for services or you just with a friend or significant other, you know how annoying that can be.

At the front desk, you are given a moment to look through the different services they offer. If you are choosing a manicure or pedicure you can also choose a scent. Be aware that the scents only come with specifically priced packages. Although I purchased a lower-cost service, I thought this was very cool because most places already have a pre-selected scent per spa package. Once you’ve chosen your spa package you also get the option to look through polish options if you’re getting color added to your nails and/or toenails. From there you are taken to a table for a manicure or to a massage chair for a pedicure. Since I only purchased a basic manicure with polish, they seated me at the massage chair to start on my pedi.

Once you’re seated, they ask you what type of drink you’d like. Back at the restaurant I had previously enjoyed one of my favorite drinks, mimosa, so I was a bit apprehensive about getting more alcohol that early in the day. Since this was my first visit I opted to have a strawberry margarita, to sip it at the very least, so that I could give a full review of the overall experience there. It was full of the strawberry flavor and you could taste a bit of the alcohol mixed in. In my opinion, it’s more of a novelty or the idea of saying I had a margarita at the nail salon. If you want a “drink-drink,” go to a bar!

I selected the Royal Pedicure which includes the following: Aromatic Foot Soak, Natural Nail Care: Reshape Nails, Cuticle Details, Buffing, Callus Removal, Sugar Scrub, Aromatic Mud Mask, Hot Towel Wrap, Lotion Massage, and your choice of Nail Polish. My technician, Han, was absolutely amazing! She made sure the water temperature was set at a level that I was satisfied with and I do like my water HOT! She also took her time and was very careful and delicate with me. Between the chair and the massage on my legs and feet from Han, I was almost fast asleep. It was soooo relaxing. Should you decide to stop through or maybe treat someone else, have them ask for Han. I promise you they should not be disappointed!

Until next time I’ll leave you with this. No matter your choice of pampering, do something just for yourself sometimes. This can be a regular regimen, whether weekly, monthly, etc, but do what you like and don’t feel guilty about it. There is nothing selfish about caring for yourself. My only suggestion is whatever your preference for pampering or self-care is, especially if it costs, make sure you have a budget for it. Don’t pamper yourself to the point that you can’t cover your own responsibilities. So, go buy yourself some new clothes, get a mani and a pedi, or grab a good book and go sit and read at the lake. Whatever you do don’t wait for someone to take care of you, TREAT YOSELF!!!

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