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Hey there! Hope all is well. Today let’s hang out and talk about this cuuute bodysuit that I ordered from Amazon. It will have you looking like the real MVP at the gym! While I can pretty much workout in a basic t-shirt and shorts, it makes me feel great knowing that I’m putting in work and looking stylish at the same dang time. This suit will definitely give you style!

Now, let me tell you how this suit and I came to be. While in a barre exercise class one day, I noticed the bodysuit a young lady was wearing. After the session was over, I politely asked her where she’d purchased it. Once I made it home that day, I couldn’t remember the store’s full name, but you know that BFF google came through. I typed the first word she’d given me, and when all of the suggestions popped up, there it was. I hopped on their site and began a mad search for this bodysuit because I’d fallen in love with the idea of having it and just couldn’t let it go. As I was giving up hope and assumed that they had probably sold out, BOOM, I found it! Unfortunately, my dreams were crushed because it was not a price I could see myself paying for an exercise bodysuit. That’s when it hit me, “Duh, Amazon is ALWAYS THE PLUG!”

I pulled up, typed ‘workout bodysuit’ in the search bar, and many options were available. I looked through several of them, but this particular style caught my eye. I decided to order three different suits, but this was the best fit. While it’s still a little long (usual short girl problems) and a tad big around the top, it was worth the low price. I will most likely have it altered for around $10, but it will still be considered a bargain compared to the first option I originally wanted. WINNING!

I will warn you that it does hug your curves and shows ALL of your flaws, and since my measurements are not 36-24-36, this almost 20-year-old baby fat plunges through while I’m moving or standing still. But, it’s comfortable, and if you’re comfortable showing your imperfections, I say ROCK IT!

Before we end this hangout, I have a question. Have you used the excuse that you don’t have workout clothes, so that’s why you don’t exercise? Well, those days are over! Try out this similar SEASUM Women Yoga Bodysuit for yourself, and please come back to let me know what you think.

‘Til then, I’ll leave you with this…It’s okay to look for others for inspiration and #BodyGoals, but remember they have to work hard to maintain their physique. Don’t allow that inspiration to become jealousy. Set your own measurable goals and be as consistent as possible. Decide what size and comfort level you can be content with and focus on that. You can workout to relieve stress, maintain your current figure, and manage your health, but don’t workout to look like someone else. Now, in the words of Martin, “Get to steppin’!”


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  1. Body suits are everything! It’s one thing to be cute but to add comfort, priceless! A definite win for me.

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