Who Says You Can’t Wear These Colors Together???

Hey there! Hope all is well. Let’s hang out today and talk about what was once and still is for some, one of the most significant fashion “DON’Ts”…You can’t wear black and brown together. Tuh! I beg to differ! Maybe “they” can’t, but I CAN and WILL wear whatever I like!

Are you like me and choose to ignore these fashion rules and faux pas? I have always made my own rules in fashion. It’s about having confidence in what you pair together. Now, let me be honest; I get influenced at times about what to wear and when to wear it like a lot of people. There are some looks I wore 10-20 years ago that I don’t feel are in style now. I get hit with that subconscious, “that’s not cool to wear anymore” ideology sometimes too. However, there are several things I’ve kept for years because I love it, and I will wear it whenever I’m feeling inspired to do so. I won’t toss it just because it’s not something people aren’t wearing anymore. Honestly, the way we go around in circles in fashion, most likely whatever that style is, will come back later. So maybe you should tuck it away in the attic or an unused closet, so you don’t have to purchase it again.

Everything I’m wearing in the pictures are articles of clothing and pieces I’ve had in my closet for years. However, the hat belongs to my husband. I cannot wear my own hats when I have braids or extensions, and I don’t own a brown hat. The t-shirt was made and gifted by a good friend for Galentine’s/Valentine’s Day, and the skirt was a 2019 Christmas gift that I hadn’t worn yet.

I paired these specific pieces and colors together to show you how you can pull previously owned items from your closet without making a purchase every time you want to rock a new outfit. Moreso, I wanted to debunk the myth that brown and black cannot be worn at the same time. That is the spirit of false prophecies! In my opinion, if you put everything together well, you can make just about anything and any color combo work.

I chose to keep this look simple by accessorizing my brown and black. My solid outfit is the black and white tee with a mustard mid-length skirt, paired with a polka dot belt and peep-toe pumps. I then layered the look with a brown vest and accessories, wide-brim hat, and rectangle wooden earrings. I topped it off by clipping my polka dot hair clip/lapel pin to the hat’s side. Although each shade of brown was different, they were just close enough to blend for a flawless pairing.

Wearing brown and black are two colors more accepted today. Here’s an article that I believe explains very well for those on the fence of how you can make this unusual color combo work:

“One of the most commonly asked fashion questions out there: Can I wear black and brown together? The answer is a simple — heck yea, you can! (I am literally wearing the two colors together right now.)”
-Amy Sallinger

After all is said and done, I’ll leave you with this…Remember that you are the judge and jury of your closet. How you choose to pair your looks is solely up to you. However, understand that you will always run the risk of breaking a fashion rule if you put some unusual pieces and colors together. Then again, you may very well break the internet and create the next fashion trend that you see prancing up and down some of the most famous runways. Also, know that it is okay if you don’t feel comfortable creating your own looks. That is the reason why we have fashion experts and stylists. Their word, their style, and their experience are available to help you. Google if you need to or phone a friend. In the end, step out in your style with confidence, and in my Larenz Tate voice, “Walk that walk money!” Now tell me, what are some fashion go-to’s for you that may not be widely accepted? Share your looks with me via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can find me on all social media platforms @hangwithladyb or contact me via email. Can’t wait to see what you put together!


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