The ultimate guide to a healthy, fun and successful marriage

Hey there! Hope all is well. Today, let’s hang out and talk about how things can consistently be well in your marriage. You can enjoy it and continue to thrive while working to maintain it all. I will give you ten steps for the ultimate guide to a healthy, fun, and successful marriage.

Step 1: Always ensure that your spouse comes first.

Because I believe in God, of course, your spouse’s position comes second to His. However, your spouse should be at the top of the list when it comes to your job, your kids, or any other need or circumstance. If there is a pressing matter, then your partner should be reasonable enough to understand. Just be sure that whatever must happen, they are okay with it first.

Step 2: Treat your spouse better than you want to be treated.

This step is similar to the golden rule that you learned as a child. Now that you’re more mature, this rule still applies but can be improved, especially in marriage. Go above treating your spouse like you want to be treated. Do more! While you may not request much from your partner, make sure they rarely have to ask for anything.

Step 3: Be honest and open about your feelings.

Even when you think your words may hurt your spouse’s feelings, be honest anyway. Please be mindful of your delivery, but don’t hold back on the truth. As the person who committed to you forever, they deserve your true and honest feelings.

Step 4: Learn how to effectively communicate to each other.

You and your spouse most likely do not communicate the same because opposites usually attract. Therefore, you are two different people with two different personalities. The way you speak and respond could sound offensive to your partner. Ask them how they would prefer to be spoken to. When you have conversations, one of you may give more detail than the other requires. You have to learn to shorten your statements for your spouse, and at times, they will need to learn to go into deeper explanation for you.

Step 5: Admit when you’re wrong and sincerely apologize.

Take the “L” and be honest when you know you’re wrong. Acknowledge your mistake and then, with a sincere heart, ask for their forgiveness. Refrain from being the “I’m sorry” type and genuinely confess that you messed up and assure them that you will do better. Then, do better!

Step 6: Stop being serious for a moment and have some fun.

Whether this is planned or spontaneous, take some time to laugh and play together. Depending on what you and your spouse like, do this on your level. You can go dancing at a club, spend a few hours fishing at the lake or watch a comedy movie on the couch. Just make sure to have fun together to combat those difficult situations that will come.

Step 7: Be willing to accept your spouse as they develop.

As we grow and mature, we change. Most times, we evolve as we learn new things and become exposed to something different. Our spouse may seem like a different person, and to a degree, they are. Ask questions and learn about their change so that you can accept it and grow with them.

Step 8: Love your spouse the way they want to be loved.

Don’t guess what your mate wants you to do to show love. Ask them! Once they’ve explained what makes them feel loved, make sure you follow that blueprint. Don’t try to spruce things up when they’ve requested simplicity, or keep things plain when you know they like everything over the top. Love them exactly how they have told you and shown you they want to be loved.

Step 9: Make #DateNight a priority.

Be intentional about scheduling a date with your spouse. Set aside time that both of your schedules will allow. You can plan dates no matter if your budget is large or small. Play cards and games on the back patio, plan a picnic at your local park or book dinner and a show. Choose any of these activities or something similar, one time a week or once a month. Either way, create the time for just the two of you to enjoy one another.

Step 10: Always say, “I LOVE YOU.”

Make this a habit, but mean it when you say it. As the saying goes, “I can show you better than I can tell you.” Make sure your spouse sees the love that you give them. Also, say this to your mate when you leave one another’s presence or end a phone call. You never know when it may be your last time together. When you are going to bed at night, even if you might not be on the best terms, let your spouse know that you still love them no matter any other feelings you may have expressed before.

Until next time, I’ll leave you with this. There are many other areas in your relationship that you can focus on to ensure you have a better marriage. However, I would highly suggest you follow the ten steps listed here. I have been married for a while, and I can confirm that these actions are a guaranteed way to help get and keep things in order. Start applying the following, and I assure you that you will see a positive change happen in your relationship. You will begin to develop a healthy, fun, and successful marriage. If you have any other suggestions on maintaining a great relationship, please share them with me below. I would love to hear the thoughts from other successful connections!

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  1. All of these steps are great! I most identified with “Step 8: Love your spouse the way they want to be loved.” This is so true.

  2. I love these 10 steps. And I love your frequent stops when you choose to stop here and pass along wise words which we can all use day to day. Keep doing what you do Toni girl! 🥰

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