This is for the MOM BODS! Rock it or work on it, but either way be content with it.

Hey there! Hope all is well. Today I want to hang out and briefly talk to my ladies with “mom bods.”

I don’t have the body of my dreams, but I’m making do. My belly was stretched and pulled when I was pregnant with my twins, and it has NEVER been the same.

I learned early in life not to compare myself with other ladies, especially those that appear to have flawless bodies. I don’t have the support or means that they do. These are resources that can include a chef, nutritionist, trainer, and sometimes a plastic surgeon.

However, more so often, I know that I’m not willing to put in the necessary work to have what they have. The time, sacrifice, and hours it takes to have and maintain their build and look is more than I want to commit to.

These days you’re applauded for body positivity because you flaunt your flaws or are condemned for body shaming if you’re not okay with being a certain size (whether big or small). I have a general preference for what I want my body to be like, and I understand that I have to put in the efforts to produce and sustain those results. I don’t concern myself with the world’s body positivity or shaming, but rather focus on what’s considered acceptable for me. Then, I dress how I feel comfortable and stay away from what I don’t think is flattering.

Until next time, I’ll leave you with this. Be sensible in your thoughts about yourself and your body. Understand that you either have to work for what you want or learn to be content with what you already have. Are you comfortable with your body now? If not, ask yourself what you feel you’re missing to get to that place. Are finances stopping you from hiring a trainer? Do you need to budget better to ensure you can afford healthier food options? Whatever actions you need to take to get to your comfort level, I urge you to do that today! If you are already there, I salute you!

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