3 Steps to Change How You and Your Spouse Communicate

Hey there! Hope all is well. Today I want to hang out and discuss how we develop communication in our marriage. How we respond and what we allow sets the tone for the way we continue to communicate going forward.

As simple as it may sound, we are as much to blame as our spouse for how we interact with one another. From the beginning, we must be very careful with what we overlook and let slide.

As I always say, be reasonable with your expectations, nonetheless, make sure you set them. If you don’t, anything will seem acceptable.

The first step you need to complete is acknowledging the type of communication that you do not like from your spouse. When you don’t feel good about the way your spouse speaks to you, you must express that to them. One of the best things I’ve taken away from counseling sessions with my husband is using the words, “You make me feel” or “I feel like.” Without pointing blame, you are expressing your true feelings about the situation.

Next, you need to give an example of how you’d like your spouse to speak to you. Understand that this change will take some time because it is not your partner’s typical way of expressing themselves. Therefore, you must be patient and let the transformation take its course. Respectfully continue to remind them of how you would like to be addressed.

Finally, acknowledge and show gratitude for the steps your spouse has taken to improve communication. By doing this, you will reveal to them that the change was necessary and has positively affected you individually and the relationship as a whole.

Until next time, I’ll leave you with this. Learning how to communicate with your spouse can be challenging yet beneficial for the relationship. Start the necessary steps and watch things begin to improve between you two. For more detailed information to develop healthier communication, please check out the following article: https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/HealthyLiving/relationships-and-communication. If you are like many of us married couples who have struggled or are still trying to figure out how best to communicate, I urge you to begin these steps today. Do you feel like making these changes will help grow your relationship? Please share your thoughts below.

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6 thoughts on “3 Steps to Change How You and Your Spouse Communicate

  1. This is on point. We do need to be the person we would want our spouse to be (character wise) and always show gratitude for everything they do… You can never just assume that they know you’re appreciative.

  2. Chile, when I read this my husband and I had just finished having a disagreement about communication. I felt soooo convicted. I know better and didn’t practice any of these tips. This was a much needed reminder. I must communicate with him in a manner her receives.

    1. Hey, we all have good days and bad days. The point is to acknowledge when you’re wrong and keep making progress at getting better. You’ve got this! Thanks again for reading and leaving a comment.

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