Be Proud of Your Child’s Potential

Hey there! Hope all is well. Today I want to hang out and share the joy that I have when it appears that my labor has not been in vain. At times, it may seem like your kids are not getting anything you say, but when their potential shows you differently, it gives you hope and something to be proud of.

Although we haven’t fully seen the fruits of our labor, it sure does feel good to hear it repeated sometimes. There are moments when Ejuan and I are having conversations with our sons that truly make me proud. They speak as though they understand our teachings and give thanks for the lessons we have taught, especially in money management. It makes us feel like when they’re out on their own, they will handle themselves well. Now, whether they actually comprehend it like they say they do, we won’t know until the rubber meets the road. 

There is so much satisfaction in knowing that you have set your kids up for success. You cannot guarantee their outcome, but you can take pleasure in the fact that you’ve prepared them for victory.

We have created the blueprint for our sons, began the framework, and are that much closer to seeing their buildings develop. I believe that although each one of them will go through some rain and storms, their structure will be able to withstand it all because their base is solid.

Until next time, I’ll leave you with this. Instead of concentrating on what isn’t working and what you don’t know about your children’s future, please focus on the positive path you have started them on. I will even go as far as saying that they may go astray, but with a concrete foundation, I believe they will be able to find their way back. Do you feel like you’ve set your child up to win? If not, it’s never too late! Whether you have lacked helping them understand finances, or shown them the value of getting an education, these changes can be introduced immediately! You may not think that you can provide everything that they need, but there is still a way to help redirect them on a better path for their future. Maybe you have to reach out to a more educated family member or a friend or do some Google searching, but I challenge you to start this new way today!

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