There is no time limit for grief!

 Hey there! Hope all is well. Today’s hang out might be a little somber, but I want to share my experience with you. In a couple of days, it will be 27 years since my father’s fatal car accident.

I will not lie and tell you that I don’t still feel the pain of losing him, but I can say focusing on living my best life and the passing of time does help me manage the hurt better. I still grieve him from time to time, and my emotions can be very sporadic. Some years, on the anniversary of his passing, his birthday, Father’s Day, and other holidays, I am just fine, and sometimes I’m an emotional wreck!

There is no time limit for when your grief will end. While time does help with healing, it never fully takes away your sorrow.

Whether you are a wife that has lost a husband or a daughter that has lost a dad, like me, you can get through it. However, you never stop loving them and having moments when you miss them. You may even go through times when you question why your loved one had to die and be taken away from you? It’s understandable, but take my word for it when I say you can press on.

I’ve experienced many milestones and celebrations since my dad’s passing, and those moments can be hard to bear, but God left me in good hands. I have some of the best family members and friends that support me and keep me lifted.

Until next time, I’ll leave you with this. As long as we live, we will experience the death of someone close to us. It’s an unfortunate part of life that we can’t change. Don’t allow anyone to tell you that after so much time has passed that you should be over it. If you are human, you have feelings that don’t just fade away quickly. Take as long as you need to grieve those that you have lost. While grieving, though, I would like to suggest that you also focus on the good memories that you shared with them. Try not to spend all of your time being sad, but also remember the happy moments too. What are some great times you remember having with a loved one or close friend you have lost? I appreciated my daddy’s pranks and playfulness because it was time that he took to spend with my siblings and me. He’s the reason I enjoy having fun with my children too!

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4 thoughts on “There is no time limit for grief!

  1. I’m sorry to hear this..culturally I come from a background where it was expected that you grieve on the day of the funeral and after that, life goes on. I have lived my life the same and realise as I get older it doesn’t necessarily work. Unfortunately my dad also passed and I don’t allow myself to grieve him very much. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you! I’m sorry to hear about your dad’s passing as well. It never goes away, but you can slowly learn to accept it and keep living your life. Feel free to reach out if you ever need some encouragement. Wishing you all the best!

  2. You’re right, losing someone is a hurt that never goes away. I lost my mom 15 years ago but there are times it feels like just yesterday. Love the ones who are still with you because you never know when they will be gone 💖

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that! There is nothing like a mother’s love and I try to always make sure my mom knows how much I love and appreciate her.

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