One of the scariest things is showing your kid the way, but watching them go in the opposite direction!

Hey there! Hope all is well. As we hang out today, I want to share one of my fears with raising children.

Growing up, I didn’t have two parents in my household for very long, and for the most part, it was only my mom. She did all she could to raise my four siblings and me while working and maintaining the house’s upkeep. Unfortunately, because she was trying to cover most of the responsibilities of two parents, there were things she just couldn’t get to.

There were so many talks I did not receive as a child that I’ve tried my best to ensure I had with my sons. Sometimes, those conversations happened with both me and Ejuan present, sometimes without him, and other times they were only between him and the boys. No matter who facilitated the talks, we tried our best to discuss every possible scenario and situation they could and most likely would encounter at some point in their lives.

All I’ve ever wanted is for them to make better decisions than I did growing up. I didn’t want any of them to become teenage parents. I pushed them to go to college immediately after high school and suggested they earn the highest degree possible before starting a family. While the oldest two are further ahead of me at this point in their lives, there are still moments with them that make me clench my pearls. I know at some point you have to let them go and figure out things on their own, even if that includes screwing up, but watching them go down the exact path you’ve taught them not to can be absolutely terrifying!

Until next time, I’ll leave you with this. Continue to show your children better ways of life, even if it’s not directly from you. Please don’t allow the fear of their different choices to stop you from exposing them to something more beneficial. I’m sure I’ve said it in a post before, and I’ll say it again now because I’m an avid believer. When you train up a child in the way they should go, they will not depart. However, if they do stray at any time, I think their foundation will always reel them back in. Do you become so paralyzed with fear of your children going astray that you don’t allow them to make some choices and steps on their own? I know exactly what that feels like! Today, I challenge you to release your hold, just a teeny bit and watch how they go forward with everything you’ve taught them. When you’re struggling to do so, remember we are all in this together!

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5 thoughts on “One of the scariest things is showing your kid the way, but watching them go in the opposite direction!

  1. My daughter is only two and it scares me to think that one day she’ll be dating or pursued. You are absolutely right in that we do need to give rope, but I think what I’m struggling to understand is when is the right time to pull it back so they don’t hang themselves?

    1. I totally understand that. My twins are almost 20 and I still struggle with knowing when to pull back. I think another side of that is being selfish too! I don’t want to have to come help you fix things after you didn’t listen! LOL, but so serious!!!

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