Before and After Transformation: From a Bedroom to a She-Shed, AKA “The Hangout”

Hey there! Hope all is well. Today we are going to hang out in “The Hangout!” How freaking cool is that, right? Yeah, I know I’m corny, but that’s me!

The beginning:

Anywho, let’s jump right into this. Several months ago, one of the bedrooms in my house became vacant. That’s another story for another day. Trust me! I’ll eventually get to that. I let the room sit up for a while before a lightbulb went off. While trying to take pics of clothing styled looks I’d put together, or make a quick funny or inspirational video, I found myself always standing in the corner of my bedroom.

The purpose:

I became bored with that idea and decided to create a fun and girly space just for me to “hang out,” work, take pictures, shoot video, etc. What better place than the unused bedroom? Because I’m frugal, unemployed (by choice), and choose to live a debt-free lifestyle, of course, that meant that this room reno would have to be transformed on a low-cost budget!

The planning:

In the words of my soldier son, “TOO EASY!” I went to work around my house, looking through rooms and closets to find things I was no longer using or would be okay moving to a different space. Since I’d never created anything girlie (I’m a mom of three boys and try to keep my decor unisex, so I don’t scare my hubby, lol), this was something new for me. I searched Pinterest for pretty designs for office and closet spaces. I knew that this room would serve many purposes, so I wanted as many ideas as possible for inspiration.

I found some of the cutest and expensive-looking ideas. However, I knew that I could also make my space just as cute, but at a lower cost. Spray paint is one of my best friends, and it just about works on anything. I was inspired by pictures on Pinterest and a couple of home interior influencers I came across via Instagram.

I saw a lot of marble textured items and I absolutely love marble designs. I have decoupaged a few small items before, so I decided to come up with an inexpensive design to create a marble table look. I found marble scrapbook paper at Michaels, and I knew that’s how I would achieve the style I wanted for my desk. However, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to do. I asked Ejuan and he gave me the idea to create a subway tiled look. I loved it! He told me the measurements and I got to work. I measured each piece and laid them on the desk. Next, I glued them down one-by-one. Then I sprayed it all with a gloss finish. It was simple yet tedious, but worth the work once I saw the finished product. I need to add a sealer, but so far I have managed to keep it together!

I walked around the room, trying to envision how things would look once I moved out the old furniture and began moving in my items. The only thing I knew right away was that the primary colors would be gold, white, and blush. I wanted the base to be white, with accents of gold and hints of blush.

I’m a very visual person, to the point that I sometimes need to see the actual pieces in their places. Even before I spray painted, I would take an article or two into the room to attempt to get an idea of their final resting places. Once I was convinced that everything would work as I saw them in my head, I moved forward with my plans. While I didn’t set a specific goal amount, I knew that I was not about to go crazy with spending.

The execution and transformation:

I purchased spray paint one weekend and sprayed most of the items white. I had a set of chairs that were about 13 years old. Before I sprayed them white, I kept getting outdoor furniture vibes, so I decided to spray them gold instead. It was the best decision I made! The gold gave the chairs a more luxurious, indoor feel vs. an outdoor patio style, and I LOVED THE FINISHED LOOK!

I had the idea to personalize and customize all of my wall designs. For one side, I had some previously purchased wall art frames from Dollar Tree that had been lying around for another project, so I spray painted those for hanging pictures instead. Next, I measured some 5×7 photos I had taken and printed and created a cardstock border to go inside the frames. I didn’t want to put much on that side because the clothing racks, hanging light, and mirror would take up most of that wall.

Every main item in the room was either something I’d already owned or picked up from a nearby curb. As the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” That statement rings true for me, OFTEN! I cleaned and disinfected every nook and cranny of my finds. Then I primed and spraypainted each item. One day, while driving my youngest son, Eaden, to the park, I spotted a mirror on a neighbor’s curb. It looked like an ideal piece for my space and had no damages. I knew this was a win because I didn’t have to go looking around or spend any additional money on it. It appeared to be a mirror once attached to a dresser, making the design work for what I needed. I planned to use the connecting parts as legs so it would stand up a bit taller against the wall. It was a brown color, but you know that would change with some good ol’ spray paint!

One of the walls already had a lightbox on it that Ejuan installed years ago. I painted it the same color as the walls and replaced the plexiglass sheet. I removed the current piece and took it to Lowe’s to have them measure out the same size. Then I sprayed it with frost spray paint so that it would not be as transparent. I write daily affirmations and other inspirational quotes on the sheet with dry erase markers. I moved some storage cubes from another space to use them to hold and display my makeup, clutch purses, and hats.

I wanted a larger painting for the wall across from my desk, and I hoped to do it myself (although I am NOT a painter). I’d stumbled across a video on the internet one day that I loved and said I would try it for a future project. Unfortunately, I did not save the video, but the thought came back to me when I tried to develop an idea for this painting. I purchased a 20×30 canvas on sale from Hobby Lobby. I selected a light pink paint from Lowe’s and then searched for this design idea on the world wide web. I found a few videos, but they didn’t give many directions. Most of them filmed themselves creating, but didn’t provide step by step instructions. I skimmed through some comments to help me figure it out, but I didn’t have the same size drill bit one person mentioned. I went with what I had, enlisted my hubby’s help, and did the best I could do.

The making of a masterpiece!

The project started off shaky, and then we began to get the hang of it. As much as I love nice and perfect things, sometimes my time, patience, money, and convenience matter even more. With that being said, I settled for the design I’d accidentally created. I didn’t want to go back to any stores, nor did I wish to purchase any other materials, so that was that for me. Funny enough, most people I showed the piece to absolutely loved it as it was. Of course, I had to tell them where I messed up and how it was supposed to look. Nonetheless, each of them appreciated the final product.

For the wall behind my desk, Ejuan and I spotted a picture one day in Hobby Lobby and immediately had the same thought. As he was saying, “We can do that,” I was just about to ask, “Hey Love, can we do something like that?” I was elated because we were on one accord, and I would have a cool picture of myself to display. One day, after another photo shoot, we came home and immediately jumped on this idea while my makeup was still fresh. The canvas model and I have distinct faces, different upper body builds, and my hat was not as large as hers. Therefore, I had to change up my expression and the angle of my shot. It was a great inspiration, and I loved how my image came out too!

When I ordered the canvas print, I read the size but thought something much bigger in my head. Once I hung it up, I felt like the wall was too bare. Thankfully, my Shoutout DFW article prints arrived, so I purchased a couple of Dollar Tree certificate frames that the copies fit into perfectly. While at the store, I saw two cute wall art pieces and snagged them up. I loved the finished wall, but honestly, I may add things as time passes.

For the additional pieces I added, my final selections were chosen by first the cost, then the color, and finally the style that I knew would flow with my overall look.

The budget:

I previously owned and sprayed the following:

  • Walmart clothing racks
  • Ikea desk
  • Side table
  • Ikea counter height chair
  • Metal tray for earrings
  • Metal chairs
  • Dollar Tree wall art frames
  • Ikea hanging light
  • Ikea curtain rod
  • Empty Bath & Body Works candles
  • Dress form mannequin

Items purchased to add to the room design and for additional use:

Pieces I currently own and added in to finish off the overall look:

  • Storage cubes – for hats, clutch purses, and makeup (Curb treasure)
  • Small nightstand – for storage and small decor display from Ikea
  • Small coffee table – to display costume jewelry
  • Metal cake stands with hanging crystals (used for item displays)
  • Shag ottoman with legs (for my pup to sit nearby while I work, YAY!)
  • Gold sequin pillow cover from Hobby Lobby
  • Hanging crystal tealight candle decor
  • Crystal tealight candle stands
  • Crystal candle holder/vases
  • White tower fan
  • Canvas wall art from Hobby Lobby
  • Block calendar from Hobby Lobby
  • Spice stand organizer (for bracelets) from Dollar Tree
My Bella!

The overall cost to update this room was around $500.00 or so. That could be considered a lot or a little, depending on someone’s financial situation. I could have spent so much more by purchasing new furniture and buying decor instead of making it. However, as you can see, even the little upgrades can start adding up quickly. I probably won’t make many other changes besides swapping out a few items here and there. Hopefully, we will move into a different home (sooner than later) and once I’m settled there, I plan to upgrade my pieces and make things more permanent. When we do, I’ll let you know! 😉

The Hangout

Until next time, I’ll leave you with this. Please know that many of us don’t have the spaces or house of our dreams. Some of us don’t have the means to make it all that we’d want it to be, but I encourage you to do what you can with what you have. Don’t be afraid to dumpster dive *clears throat* I mean grab things from someone’s curb. A simple can of spray paint or interior paint can go a long way. Get inspiration from the TV, internet, or maybe even someone you know. Enlist help if you’re not naturally gifted to create. Today, I challenge you to redesign a closet, junk room, or garage and build a space for yourself or your family that you can appreciate.

If you enjoyed my transformation, please let me know below. Thanks again for hanging out with me!

14 thoughts on “Before and After Transformation: From a Bedroom to a She-Shed, AKA “The Hangout”

  1. When I say, you did that…YOU DID THAT! You’ve given me so much inspiration to get my cubby area together. It’s off the kitchen and I use it as my work space but there’s a little room to work with. The canvas print of you and the desk is my favorite.

  2. What you have done is amazing and a fabulous transformation. We have a number of room projects to do, so your post helps reinforce what is possible without overshooting things 😊

  3. I absolutely loved the whole transformation! It was so inspiring! Everything that you created came out beautifully. I especially love your painting! 💖 Just keep up the good work, inspiring even if it’s one person at a time.

    1. Thank you so much! Trust me, there was error and frustration trying to get that a certain way, but I settled and was overall happy with it. LOL!

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