3 ways to style a plaid boyfriend flannel and denim. (With shorts too! YUP, even in the winter).

Hey there! Hope all is well. Let’s jump right into today’s hang out and talk about this simple and chic boyfriend flannel I snagged from Boohoo.

I didn’t have a purpose when I purchased this shirt, other than the fact that I planned to rock plaids more. I grabbed a couple of other plaid dresses and a cardigan from another online store that I may showcase later.

I got this Oversized boyfriend flannel shirt back in mid-summer for less than $15.00. Now, you see how purchasing off-season can be helpful. Keep that in mind for future shopping.

Getting inspiration to style your boyfriend flannel

When I hear the words oversized shirt, even though it doesn’t really look or feel big to me, I imagine comfort. So, with that in mind, I created three comfortable styles that anyone can rock. Depending on your style preference, comfort level, and location you’re going, these three looks give you some options.

Creating a simple yet edgy look

This first outfit turned out to be my favorite. I like a mixture of simplicity with an edge sometimes, and this getup did it for me. I’m not typical or stuck on trends and rules, so I like pushing the envelope sometimes. With that, here’s a way to keep wearing those daisy dukes even through the winter. YUP, shorts in the winter! I paired my flannel and shorts with a comfy t-shirt dress (that I’m actually wearing as a tee), along with a pair of fishnet stockings and knee-high tassel boots. If you want to be a little riskier, ditch the stockings and toss on some boot socks. However, if you’d prefer to be a little warmer, go for thicker tights. You can manage this look in the early winter. I’m not sure how deep I’d go into the season, even with layering stockings and tights, but if you’re bold, GO FOR IT!

If comfort is your priority

For my second look, I went for 100 percent comfort. Although I rarely wear tennis shoes, when I do, it’s the high-tops for me. For a quick switcheroo, remove the fishnets, change out your shorts for jeans and swap the boots for sneakers (of your preference). Just like that, you can change from a spicy to a more dressed-down style. Still chic, but more casual and relaxed.

Making an oversized top look sexy

I took it back to a short style for the third ‘fit and added a little sexy with it. This time, I removed the tee and kept the boots low. With this idea, you can show off more of those summer legs and thighs you had to start covering in the colder seasons. Again, depending on your level of comfort and the weather, you may want to add another layer under the overall mini skirt dress and on your legs. If you’re parking close to your event and it’s a quick in and out type of situation, you can make this work without the extra layers.

Until next time, I’ll leave you with this. Dress in whatever it is that you feel comfortable wearing. I’ve never been a dress your age, dress your size kind of person. Therefore, I wear what my mind and body tell me feels comfortable. In my opinion, there is a time and place for every style, but it doesn’t mean every style cannot be worn if you like the way you look. If I’m attending a more modest event, I won’t wear the shorter styles. However, if my goal is to be sexy while I’m out with my hubby, you’d better believe I’m pulling out the minis. How do you choose your style? Share in the comments below.

Shop the looks:

Look #2:

Oversized boyfriend flannel shirt

Leopard print contrast trim t-shirt dress

Adidas Originals Hardcourt Hi (I purchased through online Kids Foot Locker, but the white are sold out, and most larger sizes are gone.) Here’s an option to find the same shoe or a similar look: Adidas Originals Hardcourt Hi-eBay

Look #3:

Oversized boyfriend flannel shirt

Overall denim mini dress (I purchased from Forever 21. However, it’s sold out. Here is another option: Overall dress

6 thoughts on “3 ways to style a plaid boyfriend flannel and denim. (With shorts too! YUP, even in the winter).

  1. You really have a great sense of style! I love all the looks, but would most probably wear options 2 and 3 😊 I hate the feel of shorts when they ride up my big thighs 😅
    Also, great work on the video. It really ads depth to the post!

    1. Thanks so much, Shelly! Trust me, I understand the feeling about the shorts riding. I wasn’t blessed with the meaty thighs, but I’ve had my run in with that situation a time or two also! LOL!

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