A gift guide for the man that doesn’t need anything and won’t ask for much.

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Hey there! Hope all is well. For today’s hang out, I want to share some gift ideas that you can get for the man in your life.

If your man, father, or father-in-law is anything like mine, none of them make gift requests. They don’t prioritize having things, and if there is something they’re interested in, they will go out and purchase it themselves. They aren’t the typical man that wants the biggest TV, game consoles, or the latest gadgets. When they need tech items, especially for business, they will take care of that. Their way of doing things makes it somewhat challenging to know what to purchase as gifts for them.

Every year, I go through a process of elimination of gifts and activities to present to them. I struggle the most with the one man you would think would be the easiest for me, yep you guessed it, EJUAN! He is the epitome of “the man that doesn’t need anything and won’t ask for much!” He likes several things, but again, either he buys them at his leisure, or they’re more costly items that he most likely will have to purchase for business needs eventually. I don’t have many options when it comes to choosing gifts for him. However, I always manage to come up with something for him and the other men in my life to enjoy.

Here is a list of things I believe will be great gifts that your guys will appreciate. Some items are specific to the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, but you can use the list to google ideas and get inspiration in your hometown or nearby areas.

For the men that like a good cup of Joe or an occasional drink:

  • Cool mug
  • Quality coffee maker
  • Container or bag of their favorite coffee
  • Powdered sweeteners and liquid flavors
  • A gift card to a coffee shop
  • A large bottle of their favorite alcoholic beverage
  • Minibar setup
  • Whiskey decanter globe set
  • A gift card to a local liquor store

For the men that like to relax and chill:

  • A massage gift card (mobile: in-home or at a spa)
  • A lounging chair
  • At-home spa date

For the adventurous man:

  • Drive a Nascar or Nascar ride along
  • Shooting at a gun range
  • Helicopter ride over the city

For the man that enjoys an experience:

  • A staycation, mini getaway, or vacation
  • A tour of their favorite team’s stadium
  • A fun, local activity

For the athletic guy:

For the grill master:

For the guy who likes thoughtful and cost-effective gifts:

  • A personalized/customized gift
  • A handmade gift

As I prepared this list, I had to sift through it myself to figure out what I wanted to give my husband. Today is his birthday, and he is deserving of more than I could ever gift him with. While I appreciate his simpleness, it does become challenging to buy for him. I buy gifts, and I also give him experiences. At the end of the day, I believe he enjoys the moments I create more than the tangible presents he receives. However, he does welcome them all.

HAPPY 39TH BIRTHDAY, MY LOVE! I’m grateful to have another year to celebrate life with you!!!

Until next time, I’ll leave you with this. There are many more options to find a fantastic and thoughtful gift for that special guy in your life, but I hope that you have found this list beneficial to get you started. You know that our BFF Google is always on point in assisting you when you feel lost in making the best gift selections. So tell me, what are some ideas you have for gifting the men in your life?

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