Ideas to help you celebrate your loved one’s special day or birthday in December without overlooking it or combining it with Christmas

Hey there! Hope all is well. For today’s hang out, let’s talk about the many people that have multiple events to celebrate in December, along with Christmas. I’m “many people!” Whew!

Listen! Every year, around this time, it gets challenging for me. Not only do I have to find several gifts for multiple days, but it’s also tough on the budget. Because a lot is going on in one month, sometimes I draw from my creativity hat to ensure funds don’t get pulled on as much.

Having multiple occasions in the same month as Christmas doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate each of those days without breaking the bank or your loved one’s heart. You don’t have to lump together their gifts just because they have a birthday or other celebrations in December that also compete with Christmas. They need to be showered with love and presents each day. The exact way you expect things for every special occasion that celebrates you specifically, you need to do the same for them in return.

I’m speaking explicitly about December. However, there are several months throughout the year where others share their birthday with another significant holiday. I return the favor for Ejuan a little in May because of Mother’s Day and my birthday. There are also people that I know with multiple birthdays and anniversaries in February that also celebrate Valentine’s Day. None of these celebrations should be minimized because they all come within days or weeks of the other, especially if your person appreciates receiving gifts and/or special recognition.

In another post, A gift guide for the man that doesn’t need anything and won’t ask for much, I shared some ideas that you could also use to help you be creative with multiple gifts. Below is another list of ideas to keep your loved ones from feeling like their birthday is overlooked or competes with Christmas. You can also save money and your special someone’s heart from being broken.

Here are some suggestions on things you can do for your loved ones without spending an arm and a leg:

Thoughtful gifts that require time but little to no money:

  • Make handmade cards
  • Hang up personalized shadow boxes in their room or on a specific wall for them
    • Diplomas and memorabilia from their graduation(s)
    • Jerseys from organizations they’ve participated (or still do) with
    • Pictures of their best work; artwork, decor designs, makeup looks, etc.
  • Create a coupon book
    • For your significant other
      • Night of passion (from intimacy and beyond)
      • Spa date (mani, pedi, facial)
      • Back rub or foot rub
    • For your child
      • Extra play day
      • Extra night of TV (for those that limit TV time)
    • For your parent
    • One free day to help with the kitchen or other house chores (for households where specific duties are not mandatory for the kids)
    • Help pick up leaves or mow the lawn
  • Prepare a meal for them
    • Candlelight dinner for the spouse/significant other
      • Cater to them and serve them
    • Have all kids/grandkids dress up, escort them, and serve dinner (if for parent/grandparent)

Create a basket of their favorite things:

  • Snacks and drinks
  • Small household items
  • Clothing and accessories
    • Package it yourself in a basket, pail, or container and add crinkle paper or tissue paper and wrap it in cellophane

A gift card to their favorite place:

***You can make a basket full of gift cards to their favorite spots***

  • Favorite restaurant
  • Favorite coffee spot
  • To their hair salon, nail salon, etc

Create a fun and unforgettable experience

  • Make a personalized scavenger hunt or purchase it online
    • This would be a great way to have them find their gift also

I wanted to create a scavenger hunt for my husband’s birthday, but I was running out of time. I figured Google would have something for me because so many of our great minds think alike. Sure enough, I found an online scavenger hunt with games for specific states/cities. I had a couple of options but chose the area closest to our other plans for the day. It was long and at times became tiresome, but overall he and I both enjoyed ourselves. I definitely plan to do another one very soon!

Until next time, I’ll leave you with this. I hope this post has shown you that you can still celebrate and recognize your special someone’s birthday even when it falls in a month with a holiday. Hopefully, I have inspired you to be creative about your gifts. Whatever you do, please don’t limit how you celebrate your person because of multiple festivities back to back. Plan ahead, and you won’t feel overwhelmed or feel like your budget may get off track trying to celebrate each day. Do you have multiple occasions very close to each other? How do you handle acknowledging them all? Feel free to share any other ideas you may have!

4 thoughts on “Ideas to help you celebrate your loved one’s special day or birthday in December without overlooking it or combining it with Christmas

  1. Hey Toni,

    I totally agree with you, I believe every special day should be treated as such.
    I love the creative ideas you suggested especially the scavenger hunt, I may have to google it to see if there is such a thing in my city.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Absolutely! I hope you find a scavenger hunt. They are great for team building, working on communication, and having fun! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I appreciate it!

  2. These are excellent ideas. My sister was born on Christmas Day and she always got a little ripped off over the years. My husband and daughter were both born in the same week as Mother’s Day. I try to do separate celebrations to keep things fair, although last year my husband’s birthday was on Mother’s Day which made it a bit more challenging.

    1. Thanks so much! Oh wow, on Christmas Day and two celebrations around Mother’s Day! You all definitely have your hands full, but it’s good you still give everybody something to look forward to on their special day!

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