Great places to visit and plenty of things to do for a stay or “staycation” in Frisco, Texas

Hey there! Hope all is well. For today’s hang out, I want to share a staycation my husband and I had in Frisco, Texas. We decided that we would still hold off on travel because of the pandemic until we felt more comfortable flying and visiting multiple locations on one trip.

We kept our 19th Wedding Anniversary celebration local and simple. We didn’t have an itinerary for once but instead planned things as we thought of them. The only guaranteed thing we knew was that we’d be in a hotel for a few days. We hadn’t traveled anywhere for nine months, and if you don’t know by now, you should know that’s not normal for us. We typically travel anywhere from 4-6 times a year, so this has been challenging to stay put.

Ejuan booked the hotel without telling me where we were going. He usually plans our trips as a surprise, so this was normal for us. I packed some clothes and a couple of things to have in the room, just in case we decided against going out.

We arrived at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Frisco, and check-in was the fastest ever! There were about eight cars in the parking lot, and that quick process made me assume that some of them probably belonged to the staff. We packed the cart (with way more stuff than we would generally take on a flying trip) and headed inside. The hotel was very spacious and clean. It was like a ghost town in there. There were maybe one or two people at the bar, and a few workers were walking around. As we got on the empty elevator, there were two signs inside to remind us to remain six feet apart from others.

We made our way to the room, and after checking out the space, we immediately began disinfecting just about every nook and cranny. Any area where we would be sitting, sleeping, touching, etc., we made sure to Lysol, clean, and then Lysol again. The masks we’re required to wear out in public came in handy because we sprayed the heck out of that place!

After that, we decided to find a snack. Ejuan told me that our hotel was connected to Stonebriar Mall, which is one reason he chose to stay there. The main reason is we are repeat customers of Hyatt, and since we stay with them often, he wanted to book our time there. We headed downstairs and went through the breezeway and came out into the mall’s food court. After we had a quick bite to eat, we walked around, did a little window shopping, and then finished our time at Forever 21. I don’t care what our age says, but that’s one of mine and hubby’s favorite spots! Shopping was NOT on his agenda, but hey, he should’ve thought about that when he had me stay within feet of a mall. I snagged a few things, and then we headed back upstairs to prepare for our anniversary dinner.

We cleaned up, got a little fancy, slow danced, and then partied our way to the elevator on our way to eat. We dined at one of our top restaurants, Perry’s. The best part was it was only a few buildings down from our hotel. Ejuan had researched the area to know that everything we needed was nearby. The food did not disappoint as always! We ordered our usual items, pork chop, mashed potatoes, macaroni, and creamed spinach. The meat is so big that we always have them cut it in two, and it’s still enough for us both to enjoy for the moment and have leftovers (mostly me). If you’re ever looking for a nice place to go for a special occasion, I would highly recommend them! After dinner, we went back to our room, slipped on our matching onesies, and had a small photo shoot. Then we had a pillow fight and opened our gifts. (Well, I opened mine. Unfortunately, Ejuan’s didn’t arrive in time, but I did show him a picture of what was coming, and he was very excited to receive them)!

The next day we had planned an adventure of things to do. For the first stop, we drove over to The Boardwalk at Granite Park. It wasn’t far from the hotel. OMG! The location is a stylish development featuring casual eateries & bars with outdoor seating on a waterside boardwalk. It was a nice spot to hang out, and the firepit was the icing on the cake, especially for the colder seasons. During the warmer months, I’m sure that it is great to sit out and relax and enjoy the view.

We chose to have breakfast at The Biscuit Bar. This place was heaven on a biscuit! There were so many options that I didn’t know what to choose. I decided on the pulled pork, which came with pulled pork, bbq sauce, and cole slaw. Ejuan chose something I’d initially mentioned us maybe getting to share and try. He went with The Rought Night. It included southern fried chicken, a burger patty, ham, turkey, pulled pork, crispy bacon, tots, cheddar, and house-made sausage gravy. We also ordered the southern-style tots, which came with house-made sausage gravy, green onions, and cheddar cheese (that I had put on the side because you know me and cheese…YIKES)! To drink, I had a mimosa, and of course, he had water. The food didn’t take long to come out, and it tasted even better than it looked. I was hooked and planned to go back again to try every last option on the menu.

We left there and drove to Allen to have some target practice with different guns. Ejuan had looked up some nearby spots where we could specifically shoot shotguns. He found Texas Legends Gun Range and Training Center in Allen. Because it was midday and there was no crowd, they allowed us to stay there and shoot for a while. The place was tidy, and the staff was super friendly and helpful. They were able to answer any questions we had about each gun we shot.

Once we left the gun range, we headed back to our hotel to relax a bit and then get freshened up for our next location. I stayed away from person-to-person contact as much as possible all year, but since I’d tweaked my back at the beginning of the week, this next spot was A MUST! Ejuan booked me a massage at Hiatus Spa + Retreat in The Star District. It was maybe a few hundred feet away from the Omni Hotel. Once they sent a text to confirm I could come inside, Ejuan dropped me off and took the time to visit with my Poppi, who had booked a hotel stay there with my mom for their upcoming wedding anniversary.

After I made it inside, a young lady got me signed in and gave me instructions for what to do and where to go next. She escorted me to the locker room and showed me how to use the lockers. Then she explained where I would wait until my assigned masseuse came to get me. The waiting area was a relaxing, simple, and elegant styled space. I was alone in the area until my massage therapist, Carolyn, came in. She introduced herself, snapped a couple of pics for me, and then had me follow her to a room. She took me to a small room with dim lighting that was calming and serene. Carolyn offered me a warm towel around the neck or a foot rub, and I chose the foot rub. Since I was there for the massage, it only seemed like common sense to start with that. She placed my feet in some warm water and added a mint-scented oil inside.

As she was leaving out to pour out the bowl and get it cleaned, she instructed me to lie face down on the table, and she explained that I could take my mask off if I chose, but I’d have to put it back on when I flip over. The massage was very relaxing. She hit every spot and helped release a lot of tension in my back. Once it was over, she grabbed a small carton of water, shared her information with me, and invited me not only to come back but to tell a friend about her and the location. She did not disappoint, and if you’re going to be staying or visiting the area, please book with Carolyn, and tell her Toni sent you!

Ejuan came back to get me, and we stopped by to see our parent’s room at the Omni Hotel. It has a beautiful view, and if you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan, this is definitely the place to stay! If you’re lucky to be there when the team practices, you can look out and see them practicing on the field from some rooms. We hadn’t chosen a place to eat after visiting their hotel, so we decided to repeat dinner at Perry’s, but we ordered it to-go this time. While mostly everything was delicious, the meat wasn’t as flavorful as it typically is when dining in. We’re not sure that we’ll ever get it as take-out again. Along with dinner, we picked up our complimentary champagne and dessert from Hyatt and took that back up to our room to enjoy for the night. Once we finished dinner, we played card games and then called it a night.

The front desk allowed us to extend check-out for a couple of hours, so we slept in and enjoyed our time in bed. After we packed up everything, we stopped back by The Biscuit Bar. I told y’all I’m going to keep going, and I meant that. We grabbed breakfast to go and then drove back to our parent’s hotel. It’s less than ten minutes away from where we were. We had breakfast with them out in the lobby to celebrate both of our wedding anniversaries, which are three days apart. We haven’t taken time to observe our anniversaries collectively since we took a cruise together for our 1st and their 3rd anniversary. Everyone liked their food, and then Ejuan and I left them to enjoy the rest of their time there. Since we’d never been to the facility, we took a moment to walk around before making the drive back home.

Until next time, I’ll leave you with this. No matter where you go or what you do, create memories and enjoy the moment. Don’t allow money or location to determine the pleasure you receive from spending time with your significant other. While the pandemic has put a wrench in our typical travel plans, it has not taken away our love for one another and the opportunity to make the best out of any situation. If you’re ever looking for something to do or have family coming into the DFW area, Frisco is a great place to visit and stay.

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