Parents are their kids BFF, until…

Hey there! Hope all is well. Let’s jump right into today’s topic. Your kids might like you until your direction is the opposite of what they would like!

As long as you tell them what they want to hear, it’s all good. As soon as you say something they don’t like, you are the enemy. The amount of time these ill-feelings last will vary. It depends on the severity of the situation. If you don’t allow your child to hang with someone for one evening, they may be upset with you until the next day. If you shut them down from dating someone you’re not comfortable with or keep them from participating in sports, even for a valid reason, they may resent you for a while. 

The reactions and time of agitation will also depend on the individual. While some can handle critique and punishment with ease, others take things a lot more personally. I have had experience with this, with my children all being unique. Each one of them has a different tolerance level. Some can handle discipline better than others, but all of them still have distinct feelings. Getting specific feedback is relatively common with most families that have multiple children. I honestly wish I had recognized the differences much earlier in my sons. With this realization, I would have exercised different methods with each one of them according to their level of sensitivity. However, regardless of your style, you will most likely be faced with some form of pushback.

Critique and discipline are necessary for raising your children to become the best versions of themselves.

You can choose not to spank or raise your voice, but I disagree with no discipline at all. I made a similar post about this subject matter, and I firmly believe that if you’re more focused on trying to be your kid’s friend, that will backfire on you. Discipline the best and safest way you know to do, but ask for assistance and read books if you’re unsure.

Until next time, I’ll leave you with this! Take my word and train your child to be an upstanding individual that respects you and others and has integrity. You may have to go through a period where they “say” they don’t like you and they actually treat you like you mean nothing to them, but I believe it is a season that will pass. Have you experienced this stage with your child or know someone that has overcome it?

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  1. Agreed 1000000%! Someone once told me that kids thrive for structure, and I have to agree. I don’t believe in beating a child, but each purposely bad action needs consequences. If we don’t discipline our kids, who will? The prison system?

    1. Exactly! Give them a healthy balance at home of everything they will need to survive and be successful in the world. Thanks for reading my friend!

  2. Someone once told me that kids thrive off structure, and I have to agree. I don’t think beating a child is the best way to go, but every purposely bad action does need consequences. If we don’t discipline our children, who will? The prison system?

  3. I believe wholeheartedly in discipline and even though I don’t have my own children, I am always around them and work with them. Like you stated in your post that it is your duty to make sure that they become the best version of themselves and that will require consistent correction/discipline. I know I am the woman that I am today because of the discipline that I received growing up and how I have chosen to apply it to my daily life. I even disliked my mother for the longest time because of her parenting style when it came to my brother and me and my sister. She was much easier on him than us girls and it’s evident now. But now my mother is one of my best friends and I wouldn’t trade her in for anything. Great post CB!!!

    1. Thanks so much for reading and leaving feedback! It’s good to hear the other side of this; you saying that you chose to apply what you’re learned from your mom. That makes me feel even better about believing all will be well with my sons when they are grown grown!🤗 Now, why do you think the parenting style was different for you and your sister compared to your brother? Was he a mama’s boy, or do you feel she was trying to ensure that you ladies were strong and independent?

      1. I definitely plan to let them spread their wings a little more, but they will be here at least until they graduate undergrad, but hopefully not too many years after. Me and my husband tried our best to raise them with all of the tools they will need to succeed as adults. I hope that helps them to leave and never need to come back, so he and I can really begin to LIVE!🤗🤣

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