Being Vulnerable is Tough, but I Believe it is Necessary

Sharing is Caring

It’s hard to share a lot of your truths, especially with random people that you’ve never met, but I believe it’s necessary. In sharing, you not only heal and grow, but you also help others. You never know who needs to hear your story.

Have a Purpose for Sharing Your Story

There should be a healthy balance between sharing and oversharing, though. Some problems and situations are meant to be kept behind closed doors and between the involved parties. Everything you experience should not be told to friends or family, nor be posted on social media. However, there are times when even the hard things need to be revealed so that other people can see your reality and also understand that they are not alone. The issue you are dealing with or recently survived may very well be someone else’s saving grace. Maybe seeing that you were able to withstand a tough time is encouraging for them. It won’t change what they have to endure, but it can give them the strength to keep going.

Use Discretion When You Share Personal Stories

If you are sharing something that involves you plus other parties, notify them of your plans, and when necessary, be sure they agree with the information you are divulging. If they are not okay with what you want to put out, maybe you can come up with a compromise that allows you to still be helpful to others without giving away too much. I believe if you express your true desire to tell the story, they will be willing to settle on a specific way the message can be delivered and the plan is still executed carefully.

Don’t hold back on putting yourself out there because of the naysayers, Negative Nancy’s, and Petty Betty’s! No matter what you share, whether good or bad, those people still exist and will find something to say regardless.

You have to know what your goal and purpose is when you share and stand firm on that. Reassure yourself that someone needs what you have and get your story out there.

The Impact Should be Greater Than the Payout

Don’t share for fame or fortune, but do it because you want to help. If it’s meant for your story to go worldwide, be printed in a magazine, or televised on national TV, that will happen. However, if you never get beyond touching lives locally, in your workplace, or at your church, know that is more than enough. It doesn’t matter if you help 1 or 1000. Your focus for sharing you and your story should be to serve others. Now, please don’t attack me. If you have a goal to expand to a broader audience, by all means, go after that. Please just don’t allow the size of the crowd to stop you from fulfilling your purpose.

Have you ever shared your testimony with someone, and it helped change their life?

Until next time, I’ll leave you with this. Be truthful, be honest, and share the parts of your story that you choose. Don’t allow anyone to dictate what you should and should not be telling. Be sure to show the real, the hardships, and the celebrations, and be genuine when you do. Every side of you can be a blessing to someone. When they see you go through, they stand with you, and they also appreciate you for not giving up. When you have fun and enjoy life, they live through you, and they are inspired to create their own happiness too. If you’re not sure if you should expose certain areas of your life, pray and ask God for discernment, and it shall be revealed to you. Please let me know how you’ve been a blessing to someone else by telling your story.

Thanks so much for hanging out with me! Come back soon, and be sure to bring a friend along next time.

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10 thoughts on “Being Vulnerable is Tough, but I Believe it is Necessary

  1. This is very insightful. To be honest, I was always too afraid to share anything until I started my blog, then did a complete 180 and ran in the other direction. I’ve had to scale back significantly to find that balance you are talking of. You do such a wonderful job of sharing just enough to be relatable but it doesn’t seem like you are breaching your family’s privacy. As always, I learned a lot from this 😊

    1. Aww, thanks so much for those encouraging words. I’ve always been fairly transparent, sometimes telling too much. I realized that early in my adult years that everybody seeking help wasn’t always asking things for the right reasons. When I feel led to share, I go for it! Thanks again for creating some time to stop by and support. Always appreciated! Wishing you well with everything at work!!! In the words of Diamond from The Player’s Club, “Make the money, don’t let it make you.” LOL! It’s an old classic from back in my younger days. (Just in case you’ve never heard of it or watched it before).

  2. Really great post! Being vulnerable is really scary but I think you need to put yourself in a vulnerable position sometimes if you want to grow as a person.

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