A Tour of the Black Girl Magic Museum

I was tagged in an Instagram post by a local Dallas blogger. It was a call to action by the Black Girl Magic Museum IG account to tag some #dope black girl bloggers in Dallas, Texas! Their pop-up museum was preparing to open, and we were given a special invite for the private launch. Unfortunately, it was canceled, but I was inspired by the idea and still wanted to visit.

The pop-up is at 2620 Gus Thomasson Road 116 Mesquite, TX 75150 and is located inside a small office building. I spoke to the creator, Dominique Hamilton, and she said her vision was much larger, but she had to keep things on a smaller scale due to the pandemic. Overall, I believe the space was maximized very well.

Upon entry, you walk towards a large mural that immediately catches your attention. It asks, “Do you believe in magic?” This painting sets the tone for the rest of the museum. From that view alone, I felt like I’d stepped into a magical place, and I was very anxious to see the rest of the exhibits. 

As you move forward, you come to a bold blue display where you learn about some incredible women from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. These ladies are Astronauts, a communications lead in mission control, and a woman that helped put an astronaut into orbit, and a man on the moon.

The next section is a bright green backdrop with a few props and a word of inspiration. It’s just big enough for a couple of people. One person can stand or sit towards the back while another steps inside just long enough to snap a few shots. The adjacent wall has a collage of photos in various sizes of actresses, singers, and other well-known black women.

As you continue walking through, there is an exhibit that screams “Royalty!” The walls are painted black, and inside sit two black chairs trimmed in gold with a king and queen crown finishing off the top. Nearby are gold pedestals displaying costume crowns.

Around the corner, you will find another fabulous mural and a wall of photos of influential women, including our newly-elected Madame Vice President, Kamala Harris.

As you begin to walk towards the next set of displays, there is a step and repeat and a sequin drape you can use for picture backdrops. Even the restroom walls are adorned with beautifully painted murals.

The next few spaces were my most enjoyable parts of the museum. The Barbie-themed Black Girl Magic exhibit was my absolute favorite! Of course, if you know me, then you know I was like a kid in a candy store when I saw all of that pink! I wanted to run and jump inside the box, but I had to wait for a mother and daughter duo that was having a blast. My turn arrived, and I had a mini photo shoot before the next visitor came around.

Next to that design is a room dedicated to dancers and, the dancer in me appreciated this a lot! Across the way sit large alphabets representing the beginning letters to each of the museum’s title, BGMM.

There are still more rooms to see. One displays the BGMM T-shirts, while another shows different hairstyles, hair textures, and products worn and used by black women. Then there is a room dedicated to the black women who’ve been killed by those sworn to protect us. It’s a bit of a gloomy space with candles, flowers, and teddy bears serving as a memorial to the women’s lives that have been lost with no justice for their deaths.

As you’ve made your way back around, the final room has a beautiful young girl painted on one wall that speaks volumes. I see intelligence, beauty, and power in this painting. To me, the girl appears to be thinking of her masterplan. The opposite wall is covered with chalk paint, and there are different color chalk pieces available for you to write your name, a word, or a short message. 

Until next time, I’ll leave you with this. Pictures and video don’t always do justice to a place. I highly recommend that you see this site for yourself. Everyone’s experience is not the same, so go view it to get your own outlook. Black Girl Magic Museum is a place meant for ALL to experience and learn from, regardless of race or ethnicity. It is filled with brightly-colored walls, pictures, articles, and murals that serve as motivation and messages of inspiration. Not only can you learn from this museum, but the designs are uniquely crafted for picture-worthy memories that will last a lifetime. This pop-up is a showcase of celebration and honor for black trailblazers’ lives, both past, and present. Tickets are around $15.00. The museum will be here through the end of March, so be sure to grab yours ASAP and select the time you’d like to visit before they’re gone!

Thanks again for hanging out with me!

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