3 Tips on How to Deal With a Toxic Family Member

Whether it’s a parent, child, sibling, or extended family member, just because you’re related doesn’t mean you will mesh well. It’s hard to believe that you can go through life and not have a great connection with some relatives. Still, you must know that life will go on regardless of the status of your relationship. 

Love them from a distance.

The thought of spending less time with your family may be a hard pill to swallow. However, if history has proven that you cannot be around this family member without drama, then stay away. If that means loving them from a distance, then, by all means, DO JUST THAT! It may be difficult to miss the larger family gatherings, because there are people you want to spend time with. If so, make it a priority to schedule additional visits with only them. This way, you can avoid the toxicity, but you don’t go without seeing your loved ones.

Be cordial, but not fake.

Perhaps you’re not interested in skipping your family’s functions. Then I’d suggest you limit the amount of time you’re around the unwanted behavior. Always be cordial, but not fake. Give your hellos, hugs, etc., and then keep the party moving. Don’t waste your time and energy on anyone, even your family! 

Protect your peace!

If you know specific topics get them roused up, avoid them. Some people don’t like confrontation, while others indulge in it like a daily hobby. Keep the conversation light and focused on positivity. Unfortunately, some individuals can take offense to almost anything you say or choose to have a negative perspective about everything. If that’s the type of person you’re dealing with, do what you have to do to protect your peace.

Until next time, I’ll leave you with this. Sadly, you cannot choose your family, and you can only control yourself. Make the best out of every situation, and what you can’t manage, let it go. Don’t allow someone else’s toxic behavior to conform you into their way of life. Stay true to who you are, and God will bless you with the right people to fill the voids that they may have left. Do you have other ways to deal with toxic family members? Please share in the comments below.

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9 thoughts on “3 Tips on How to Deal With a Toxic Family Member

  1. Spot on. It is not easy when a family member is toxic, especially when they do not realize it and turns it on you. Loving from a distance is the sanest thing to do but sometimes it is hard.

    1. I absolutely agree. It’s really difficult when you have a large family, and you want to be able to see them all at one time, in one place.

  2. All three resonated with me honestly, especially the last one! Having peace means more to me than anything!

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