10 “At Home” Date Night Ideas

Several years back, Ejuan and I were bombarded with so much that date night was the last thing on our minds. Both of us were going back to school to get college degrees. We were also working full-time, running side businesses, and trying to maintain our home and raise three boys. Having a lot going on was an understatement!

Since our lives have become a bit more manageable, we keep date night at the top of our priorities. Date night is typically every Friday, but we will swap days if something else has to take priority. We do our best NEVER TO MISS A WEEK!

We usually go to a movie theater, dine in at a restaurant, or do some physical activity away from home. We have even flown to another state for the day. The beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic put a damper on our regular dates. Therefore, we’ve had to explore more simple and creative ways to date at home through this epidemic.

Here is a list of 10 home date night ideas:

Active Date Night

1. Game night (Indoors): Depending on you and your spouse’s preferences, create a fun night filled with board games, cards, or other interactive games. You can do this with just the two of you or invite another couple or two to join in. The more, the merrier sometimes!

  • Classic card games
    • Go Fish
    • Concentration, Memory, or Match Game
    • Speed
    • Slap Jack
    • Uno
    • Phase 10
  • Board games
    • The Game of Life
    • Monopoly
    • Trouble
  • Interactive games
    • Win, Lose or Draw
    • Hangman
    • Charades

2. Game night (Outdoors): You can create this date year-round, but I’d suggest doing this in the warmer months or dress accordingly. This type of date is sure to bring out the kid in you two.

Backyard Date Night

3. Backyard picnic: The setup for this can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like. Ejuan and I have done both. Once, I put out our picnic blanket and a small camping table. He purchased one inexpensive meal from a fast-food restaurant that was large enough for us to share. Another time, we put together an entire production. We had a candlelit and faux rose walkway, an elegant table setup, and a mock beach cabana. This was a simple air mattress with sheets and drapes. LOL!)

4. Backyard dinner: As I stated earlier, this can also be a casual or more upscale setting. You can use a card table and chairs or your outdoor furniture. You could also rent lavish items to create a more luxurious atmosphere.

Crafty Date Night

5. Scrapbook: This date will take you down memory lane.

  1. Go through your photos and select the pictures you want to put on each page.
  2. Decide if you are creating a theme or will allow the pictures to tell the story. This will help you choose some of the supplies to design the page.
  3. Purchase a scrapbook, scrapbook paper, glue, glue dots, pens, markers, stickers, and other embellishments.

6. DIY project: This can be a challenging home project you want to get started on or simple arts and crafts. This date night will help you work on your communication and teamwork skills.

Relaxed date night

7. Movie night: You can never go wrong with a movie night. You can choose from new releases, old classics, or find something currently showing with your cable or subscription provider. *Try not to lay in the bed or get too comfy on the couch if your companion sleeps during movies. Also, start early and watch shorter and more action-packed or attention-grabbing films.

  • Make some stovetop popcorn or toss a bag in the microwave
  • Prepare light bites or a little helping of movie theater type foods
    • hot dogs
    • nachos
    • loaded fries
  • Create a small candy stand and include both of your favorites
  • Elevate your movie by using a projector and screen

8. Spa night: Although it’s date night, you’ll have to work a little bit. You will have to switch roles pampering each other. It wouldn’t be fair to call it date night if only one person gets to enjoy it. Choose one item from the list below or combine them.

9. Massages: You can give a back or full body massage. Also ask your significant other what area they need to have massaged the most.

10. Relaxation and intimacy: Share a warm bubble bath surrounded by candlelight and soft music (R&B, Jazz, or your preference). Take this time to relax and share your feelings, goals, and dreams. Keep the convo light! Hopefully, the level of intimacy will increase and move into the bedroom. If you’re really lucky, it’ll HAPPEN IN THAT VERY MOMENT! 🙂

Until next time, I’ll leave you with this. Don’t allow the world shutting down to keep you from dating your spouse. Instead, take that negative and use your creativity to turn it into a positive. If you’re not the most creative person, you can always return to this post for reference. Now tell me, have you ever come up with a unique date for you and your partner? Please share below.

Thanks so much for hanging out with me today!

11 thoughts on “10 “At Home” Date Night Ideas

  1. Lady B! Oh my goodness, I absolutely love these ideas! It made my heart smile to see a husband and wife enjoying each other’s company and love. What a blessing that is! Amazing things happen when we prioritize the Lord and our spouses, don’t they? 🙂 Truly the impossible becomes possible!

    I must admit, your backyard date nights knocked it out of the park! Those lights add the perfect romantic touch and that outdoor lounge bed — c’mon! Wow, y’all really made it special. Now you’ve inspired me to create the same for my husband and I! No doubt this will inspire countless couples to re-ignite the fun and creativity in their own marriage. You’ve been a blessing by sharing this! We can never show too much love and appreciation for the ones we hold dear.

    Sending my love to you & your family. I pray each of you are well. ❤

    1. Aww, thanks so much, Holly! I’m glad you enjoyed this and found something you can try. If you don’t mind, please share and let me know how it goes! My purpose for sharing is to inspire others, so I hope that I have succeeded. Many blessings to you and your family as well!

    1. Thanks so much, Shelly! It’s a lot of work, but so worth it! LOL! If you ever try one the date ideas, I’d love to hear about it. Whew! YouTube is a whole other beast I’m not sure I’m ready for!!! YIKES!

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