How To Create an At-Home Spa Date Night

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Whether we’re dealing with a pandemic or inclement weather, dating your spouse doesn’t have to stop. With all that’s going on, making time for you and your spouse should be a priority! There are so many ways to have date night at home if getting out is tough. You can get more ideas here, but let’s talk spa for now.

Getting your spa date concept together

This date can be a “just because” or for a holiday, anniversary, or birthday. You can set this date up as a surprise to your spouse, or you two can plan it together. Start by deciding what you want your “spa” to consists of. It can be facials only or include mani and pedis. Maybe you’d even prefer to exchange massages. You could schedule a full day and have all of the options I mentioned. Your spa date is what you make it!

Once you’ve decided what services you and your spouse will provide each other, it’s time to create a list. You may already have items, while others you have to shop for. My son’s purchased a foot spa bath massager for me. Therefore, pedis were guaranteed for this date night. Of course, budget is always a factor in whatever we do. We have a set amount to spend for each date. With that total, I found different items and products that would be perfect for pedicures. We still had extra money for dinner, wine, and snacks for the night.

List of must-have pedicure items

I picked up everything from our local superstore. However, to make your shopping more convenient, I am providing a list to order from Amazon. You can save time and have everything shipped directly to you. We used Dr Teal’s epsom salt for soaking because I had that on hand. For our next time, though, I will specifically order a foot soak product. Here are the essentials for your pedicure. Feel free to add any other items you’d like.

Prepping the space

I would suggest finding a spot that is quiet and intimate and near a sink or tub. This access will make it easier to fill and empty the foot spa. Grab a comfortable chair and a small table that will hold your products. Don’t forget your wine (or drink of choice) and soft music. As I stated earlier, you can have as many different options for your spa date night. We also used face masks while we had our pedicure.

Relax and enjoy the moment

While you are the recipient of the spa treatment, make sure to enjoy every bit of it. Put your phones away! I had mine out so that I could create this content to share with you. For future spa nights, she will NOT be invited! Sit back, relax and take in the moment. Unfortunately, you may potentially have to be the giver after you’ve had time to relax. You can decide to have two different dates, this way one person can enjoy the entire time. You can give one week, and your partner the next. I, myself, wouldn’t be opposed to that.

Does an at-home spa date sound enticing to you?

Until next time, I’ll leave you with this? Take every opportunity you can get to date your spouse. If you’ve been together for a while, then this is very crucial to the success of your relationship. As the old folks say, “Keep doing what you did to get them!” Continue dating no matter how long you’ve been together! That intimate, quality time is necessary. Do you and your spouse date regularly? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for hanging out with me!

Here are a few Apple playlists for you. Take your pick or search for your favorite genre online. Enjoy your spa date!!!

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Classical Essentials

Spa Essentials

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      I’m with you on doing it alone. I’ve been so busy lately, but I look at that foot spa sitting in my cloffice everyday. I keep telling myself that I’m going to give myself a pedi soon. 🤗

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        Aww, you’re too sweet! I remember the years of dealing with that life. It was a long time, but I’m thankful that I survived and I have this opportunity now!

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