A Headband Wig Must-try!

Stylish and affordable headband wig

I was gifted this 16″ wet and wavy headband wig from Luvme Hair, and I must say I LUV IT! See what I did there?! LOL! The hair is 100% virgin hair (from one donor) which makes the quality great. It’s so lightweight that I can barely tell it’s there. Since wearing this wig I know that I will be looking to try more. Not only is it stylish, but very affordable. After I ordered it, it was delivered within a little over a week. It comes in the cutest purple box secured with purple ribbon tied into a bow. It includes 5 stylish headbands, 2 wig caps, a silk wrap for your edges, and care instructions. There is also a small iridescent colored zipper bag with several useful and trendy hair accessories inside. It’s like they thought of everything!

Throw on and go

This wig is very simple and doesn’t require much effort. You can literally pull it out of the box and toss it on. There is a band sewn around the perimeter that is closed by velcro. This piece makes the headband wig more secure. It also has combs spaced out around the top, sides and back. Honestly, they cause my head to start hurting every time I use them. Therefore, I like to slide the wig on without them and secure it with bob pins.

Headband wigs with versatility

They have so many choices from curly headband wigs to straight options. It all depends on your preference. This style was appealing because the advertisement shows that you can go from wet and wavy to straight, and then back to curly. I like to change my hairstyles often, so the 2-for-1 was a bonus for me. I did take a few strands from the back to play with and it straightened with the flat iron. Since I rarely style my hair on my own, having this wig to play with in between salon appointments is great. One day I will take some time to sit down and work section by section to straighten it, or have my stylist do it.

Not only can you switch the look of the hair, but you can change to different styles. Whether you’re casual for a brunch with your girls, or dressy for a date night with Bae, the hair can be styled to accommodate. You can even wear it to workout in your athletic gear. I wore it for a 2 mile walk/jog in the park and it remained in place.

Did you know a wig could be a life and time saver?

Until next time, I’ll leave you with this. Be mindful about judging women that wear wigs. So many women depend on wigs for multiple reasons. Some, because they have medical issues that have caused hair loss. For others, it’s to give their natural hair a break and protect it from heat and chemicals. Then there are the ladies that are raising littles, working and/or going to school full-time. And don’t forget about those that don’t know how to do hair, or just want to be lazy. Spending less time styling their hair saves so much time for other important things. Hands down, Luvme Hair has one of the best headband wigs I’ve tried so far, and it’s worth the price. I challenge you to give it a try and let me know what you think.

Thanks for hanging out with me!

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