Make Affiliate Income: Become an Amazon Influencer

Bathroom products ordered from Amazon that can be added to your storefront as an Amazon Influencer. Mirror, ladder towel rack, faucet, sink, soap and lotion dispensers all ordered from Amazon.

There is no magic to becoming an Amazon Influencer to start your journey to make affiliate income. Trust me! I’ve tried a few times and was not eligible. I didn’t keep a record of my follower count during the times I applied, but I would say I had about 1000, 1500, and 2000 followers, respectively, on my Instagram account. While the website doesn’t tell you how many followers you need per social networking platform, I know what does not get you approved.

The moment of approval

One random day I received a direct message in my Instagram account. It was from a friend I’ve known for several years now. She sent me the link to apply for the Amazon Influencer Program. I was about to respond and let her know that I’ve already tried, but instead clicked through to the link. I chose to apply with Instagram because it’s the social networking site where I have the biggest following. To my surprise, I received the “Yay! You are eligible for the program.” Truthfully, I was expecting another sorry try again message. This may seem like a small step into my blogger/digital creator journey, but I was excited. Big or small, I was extremely grateful and took a moment to celebrate this win!

Amazon influencer to make affiliate income coming soon

There were six steps to take before you received your link and the message that your influencer page was ready. I immediately began the process to set up my storefront and then messaged my friend to say thank you. I spent the next several hours reading through the rules and tips on how the program works. Once I had a basic understanding, I started creating idea lists and adding products to each one.

Sharing my new Amazon Influencer status

After ensuring that I’d added a significant amount of items in each of my idea lists, I knew it was time to share the great news. I made a video with the influencer acceptance page and a screen recording scrolling down my storefront of idea lists. I shared this video via Instagram reels, TikTok, and on my business Facebook accounts. I had friends and family congratulate me and some could not wait to show their support by ordering through my link.

Setup and ready to make affiliate income

My storefront is ready and I’ve shared my link with family, friends, and followers. Now, I’m hoping and waiting for the earnings to come in. Since I’ve joined the program, several orders have been placed. The commission is not posted until the orders have shipped. Therefore, I’m looking forward to what comes on my earnings report. I am extremely grateful for every person that has taken the time to use my link. The support is very much appreciated and I know that I cannot grow without it.

Bedroom items from Amazon that you can add to your storefront and make affiliate income from. Comforter and pillows set, gold vase, faux floral

Do you think you would like to become an amazon influencer and make affiliate income?

Until next time, I’ll leave you with this. Take a lesson from me and don’t give up on yourself. Keep doing the work to build for where you’re trying to go. As the saying goes, “Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready!” In due season, you will reap your harvest.

Thanks for hanging out with me!

Be sure to browse my storefront to find an item or two that may interest you. If you would like to support, please use my Amazon link to log in and make any future amazon purchases. I do not see your name or the amount you spend. As an Amazon Associate I will earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.” Thank you in advance for your support!

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