Being Vulnerable is Tough, but I Believe it is Necessary

You have to know what your goal and purpose is when you share and stand firm on that. Reassure yourself that someone needs what you have and get your story out there.

Great places to visit and plenty of things to do for a stay or “staycation” in Frisco, Texas

We kept our anniversary celebration local and simple. We didn’t have an itinerary for once but instead planned things as we thought of them. The only guaranteed thing we knew was that we’d be in a hotel for a few days.

Ideas to help you celebrate your loved one’s special day or birthday in December without overlooking it or combining it with Christmas

Having multiple occasions in the same month as Christmas doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate each of those days without breaking the bank or your loved one’s heart.

3 ways to style a plaid boyfriend flannel and denim. (With shorts too! YUP, even in the winter).

When I hear the words oversized shirt, even though it doesn’t really look or feel big to me, I imagine comfort. So, with that in mind, I created three comfortable styles that anyone can rock.