Flowcuteries: A Fun and Easy Snack Idea for Friendsgiving

A fun and easy snack idea to create for a Friendsgiving starter to share or give out to each attendee as a parting gift.

Make Affiliate Income: Become an Amazon Influencer

While the website doesn’t tell you how many followers you need per social networking platform, I know what does not get you approved.

2-piece leggings set

Many people want options that can go from the house to the grocery store without looking like they’re in their pajamas. I believe this 2-piece set does a great job covering all bases.

Parenting Styles, Expectations & Loving Your Children No Matter What

Oftentimes as parents, especially with specific religious beliefs, we have expectations for our children that can end in disappointment.

A Headband Wig Must-try!

This wig is very simple and doesn’t require much effort. You can literally pull it out of the box and toss it on.

St. Thomas Travel Guide

Although we were traveling within the United States, it’s still an island with its own rules and expectations. St. Thomas travel requirements included taking an antigen Covid test a few days prior to leaving.

Give Yourself a Break and the Grace to Do So!

Don’t allow anyone to tell you that you cannot take a break. Don’t let them make you feel less than for needing to do so. Make the best decision for yourself and your mental health.

4 Healthy Ways I Live Life After Contracting Covid-19

Since Covid came through our home, I have put in extra work to focus on my health. There are four areas I work on more consistently now.

How to Make Date Night an Experience

There’s nothing wrong with a typical date at the movies or a night out for dinner. However, sometimes you want to change it up a bit so things don’t become boring and monotonous.

Celebrate Every Win at Every Level

No matter what your goal is, appreciate every step of progress you make.

Prioritize the Marriage Over the Wedding!

Can you call on Table 8 to help when you’re struggling to understand one another? When you feel like giving up, will your DJ be around to play your favorite long song?

It’s My 1-Year Blogaversary! Here’s How I Began, the Lessons I’ve Learned, and Where I Am Today.

Without support, my blogs and content I share on social media would have no value. Therefore, my Blogaversary is more than a celebration. It’s also a public display of thanks to the community that keeps me going.


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