Being Vulnerable is Tough, but I Believe it is Necessary

You have to know what your goal and purpose is when you share and stand firm on that. Reassure yourself that someone needs what you have and get your story out there.

New Year, New Mindset!

For years I have heard people say the change starts in your mind. However, I still go after things the same way and wonder why it doesn’t work. My actions show my perseverance and tenacity, but my thoughts say you are not qualified for this, and you will fail.

Be sure to give your mom flowers while she’s still here!

If you’re blessed like me to still have your mother in your life, every day should be Mother’s Day! No, I don’t mean you have to buy flowers, candy, or gifts 365 days a year, but you should be showing some type of honor to your mother in some form or fashion.

Today I Celebrate My 19th Wedding Anniversary, But These Years Have Not All Been “Happily Ever After!”

While things haven’t always been the best, they have also been great! I am so thankful for my husband, for who he is and what he does for my boys and me. He is an excellent role model for our sons and me as well! He’s interested in so many things, which allows him to be a great source of help in multiple areas in life. I’ve grown a lot because of him!


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