3 Basic Ways to Manage Your Money and Get Out of Debt

You cannot expect to manage money if you don’t have a budget. This process is how you decide where your money goes.

Be sure to give your mom flowers while she’s still here!

If you’re blessed like me to still have your mother in your life, every day should be Mother’s Day! No, I don’t mean you have to buy flowers, candy, or gifts 365 days a year, but you should be showing some type of honor to your mother in some form or fashion.

Holding your kid through heartache while you’re holding back the “I told you so.”

If you haven’t already watched your child go through something serious, think about what that might feel like. Imagine them coming home or calling you with a pressing matter, especially if it’s a situation you have discussed over and over with them.

5 Questions to Ask Before Having Children

Guest blog post:

While the ‘good cop bad cop’ approach works in interrogations, it isn’t the best approach to use when raising your child. Something I have learned and subscribe to is that both parents need to be in agreement when addressing their children so as to avoid any confusion.