I once was lost, but now I’m finding my S.E.L.F.I.S.H!

I spent half of my life raising children and supporting my husband while I worked a job that I loathed to help take care of my responsibilities.

Holding your kid through heartache while you’re holding back the “I told you so.”

If you haven’t already watched your child go through something serious, think about what that might feel like. Imagine them coming home or calling you with a pressing matter, especially if it’s a situation you have discussed over and over with them.

5 Questions to Ask Before Having Children

Guest blog post:

While the ‘good cop bad cop’ approach works in interrogations, it isn’t the best approach to use when raising your child. Something I have learned and subscribe to is that both parents need to be in agreement when addressing their children so as to avoid any confusion.

I share my experiences, but I’m still trying to figure it out!

Often, we feel all alone with the situations we are dealing with. In most cases, that’s because no one wants to share their issues publicly. There are times when hearing that someone else has the same experience can be encouraging.