A Tour of the Black Girl Magic Museum

Black Girl Magic Museum is a place meant for ALL to experience and learn from, regardless of race or ethnicity. It is filled with brightly-colored walls, pictures, articles, and murals that serve as motivation and messages of inspiration.

Ideas to help you celebrate your loved one’s special day or birthday in December without overlooking it or combining it with Christmas

Having multiple occasions in the same month as Christmas doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate each of those days without breaking the bank or your loved one’s heart.

How to respectfully decline a party or gathering invitation without the guilt.

You probably get invited to many different parties and gatherings throughout the holiday seasons. However, just because someone requested you be there does not mean you have to oblige.

Celebrating Fall and Friends With a Girlfriends’ Picnic

My bestie and I had been talking about having a “fancy picnic” for most of the summer. I even mentioned including some other lady friends of mine. However, we continued to procrastinate with the plans until summer passed us by.