Reasons why you should consider couples therapy to STAY happy in your marriage

Now understand, I will share my pain and problems, mainly to prevent someone else from going through the same situation or show them that it’s possible to get past it. However, I don’t know anyone that wants their dirty laundry aired, especially right in the moment.

Ten important things you should discuss with your partner before getting married

After being married for almost nineteen years, I have learned many things that I believe would have helped me before marriage. Therefore, I want to be sure to relay the message to anyone else just getting started.

Things You Should Ask Yourself Before Getting Married

If you are just beginning to date, have been dating for a while, you’re engaged, or you have nothing more than the thoughts of being a spouse someday, please ask yourself these questions and be honest with your responses.

Pray and Stay! (An old school method for a long-lasting and successful marriage).

I can’t say that our problems are so terrible that I need to walk away, but man, I tell you, they make me second guess those ‘I DOs’ sometimes! That’s when I have to remember Bigmama’s “Pray and Stay!”