Making a quick stop through St. Louis? Here are a few places you can visit.

The Gateway Arch was a cool site to see up close, and it created a lovely backdrop for our pictures. The surrounding area and park appears to be a nice place to hang out and relax for the day, have a pleasant picnic, or even just to pass through.

Our canceled day trip became a mini getaway!

We spotted some items that sounded tasty and placed our order. While we waited for our food to be prepared, we discussed how we felt about the place. The structural design and atmosphere reminded me so much of Colombia.

Our Second Stop Across the Pond

We started making our way to our first stop, Eiffel Tower. It’s late at night and I’m nervous. It’s cold and rainy, but I trusted that whatever we would encounter had to be worth the time, energy and discomfort that we had to endure to get to our destination.