Ten important things you should discuss with your partner before getting married

After being married for almost nineteen years, I have learned many things that I believe would have helped me before marriage. Therefore, I want to be sure to relay the message to anyone else just getting started.

Pray and Stay! (An old school method for a long-lasting and successful marriage).

I can’t say that our problems are so terrible that I need to walk away, but man, I tell you, they make me second guess those ‘I DOs’ sometimes! That’s when I have to remember Bigmama’s “Pray and Stay!”

Want a better marriage? The change has to start with YOU!

What’s the first thing we think would make our marriage better? OUR SPOUSE! We say that they need to do this or that, right? Why do we always believe changes are required from our partner to make our relationship more enjoyable?

Other than our Core Values, We Don’t Agree on a lot of Things!

We have disagreed on many things that caused us both to be highly frustrated. Neither of us has ever called the other out of their name nor been violent. However, there have been some very heated discussions to the point that I was second-guessing our decision to marry.