Does the puppy love and desire to always be together last forever???

Whether you have the same butterfly feelings for your significant other today as you did when you first began or you have to do the work to maintain your relationship, appreciate what you have.

Things You Should Ask Yourself Before Getting Married

If you are just beginning to date, have been dating for a while, you’re engaged, or you have nothing more than the thoughts of being a spouse someday, please ask yourself these questions and be honest with your responses.

The ultimate guide to a healthy, fun and successful marriage

You can enjoy marriage and continue to thrive while working to maintain it all. I will give you ten steps for the ultimate guide to a healthy, fun, and successful marriage.

Want a better marriage? The change has to start with YOU!

What’s the first thing we think would make our marriage better? OUR SPOUSE! We say that they need to do this or that, right? Why do we always believe changes are required from our partner to make our relationship more enjoyable?