Teyona Davis

Love love love this blog!! Lady B is so relatable, real, and funny. I enjoy reading her blogs and I share them as often as I can with my girlfriends.

Shameka Johnson

I’ve known Lady B for quite some time & have experienced pieces of her life from afar via social media….from being an excellent mother/wife to all the many other hats she’s worn as a party planner, home decorator, traveler, dancer, fashionista and just an all around supporter of family/friends with their events & business endeavors. So it comes as no surprise that she has taken on this new adventure to share her wisdom *coughs* young wisdom but wise none the less. Toni brings a refreshing energy to the world of blogging. Very informative….although I personally have yet to experience the life & growing pains of being a mother, wife while holding onto/finding self, I can appreciate the insight she shares along her journey. It’s hard putting yourself out there and I commend her for giving unselfishly her very own nuggets of knowledge.

RayTonyia Cheatham

Heyyyyyy so after watching Lady B and Ejuan the other day on live talk about how to manage date night with kids and all, my hubby and I are finally getting back to date night. It’s hard to juggle it with a 6 year old (teenagers doing their own things) so we are trying to get back there. Thank you guys for sharing your thoughts and opinions. We have a date tomorrow night💜 
I love reading your blogs and I find myself sharing things from them with my husband. Keep it going Lady B!!!

Twani Wheaton

As a mom and a wife I have found this blog to be very informational. It has helped me out a lot with different phases of my life.

This blog has helped me with my business and financially. It has helped me to better my relationship with my husband and my kids. We get out more and do things as a family(something we never really had time to do) because we were always busy. I appreciate Toni sharing her stories with us.

Toni I want to thank you for putting something so amazing together for us that really need this. I look forwarding to reading your blogs because it helps me out in my everyday life. Keep them coming Lady B 💖

Shamonica Alexander

Thank you Toni for a relatable blog. In every article there is something that hits home.

It is comforting to know that as an entrepreneur, wife, mother, etc. I’m not the only one who has struggles and not so perfect moments in trying to reach my goals. I appreciate your candidness and openness in sharing you and your family’s journey.

Thank you for sharing your marriage and financial breakthroughs as they have been very helpful and encouraging. Proud of you for stepping out, living your dreams, and sharing with the world.

Looking forward to hearing more from you!

NaTasha Gray

I started following “Hanging With Lady B” JUST out of support for Toni, my high school classmate. NOW, I’m hooked and anticipate each article! 

The articles are geared towards moms and wives, I’m neither, but I find that the articles are helpful towards my goal of being the aforementioned. 

The articles are full of advice not from the ‘perfect’ mom or wife, instead she keeps it real and relatable! Showing her internal struggles during the family’s journey towards becoming debt free has truly helped me fight through and become debt free as well. 

I look forward to many more articles!

Keyisha Fields

I absolutely enjoy reading Lady B’s insight on “all things life”… I love the authentic and relatable topics, that seem to hit home every time! I am personally looking forward to reading what you type up next! Congrats on your current success, and Allll…. that great things the future holds.